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Everyday Objects
Here's a challenge for you - let's find everyday objects around the home - you know, cups, plates, cushions, anything - and see how artistic you can make the shots! Thanks Rufus for the inspiration... Smile

Tissue box:
[Image: tissue.jpg]

[Image: light.jpg]
heh! you make a box of tissues so exciting!!!

I'll see what I've got as soon as the pictures from today have finished loading Smile
i should have some photos of objects in my room ..
if you remember my girraffe that i posted when i first came here ...
thats one of my bedroom shots ... hhehe
ok are a couple i dug up ...
hope you dont mind me embedding them ..
ill take a couple more some time when im more free...

[Image: h1.jpg]

[Image: h2.jpg]

Shot Glass:
[Image: h3.jpg]
Is this an everyday object? Just a fence near a farm somewhere...

[Image: 52_DSC_0148.JPG]
oh heheh by around the home, i meant inside it Smile
DOH... I'll take something from home... if I get to go home from work tonight Sad
And I'll make sure it's INSIDE Big Grin
hehe ...
interesting fence tho ...
i wonder what that circulat thing is ...
Ok .. heres a couple more photos..

[Image: IMG_1991.JPG]

Tgiger Toy:
[Image: IMG_1993.JPG]

[Image: IMG_1994.JPG]

[Image: IMG_1996.JPG]

Haven't fixed up the exposure levels .. so the photos are a little dark...
Hey I love the Coffee shot! Looks like a professional product shot.

The hugo boss one reminds me of a shot I saw too... of cologne... I thnk it was hugo... er.. never mind.
uhauha yeah ...
a white peice of card and a halogen desklamp makes my photos nice ...
it gives the stock photo feel to it ...

time to work on some entries for noise ...
that animal is going to give me nightmares now
how will my cool tiger give you nightmares ?
hey adam .. post up the picture of your grover if you have it ..
I formatted my laptop, its on my desktop pc which doesnt have a monitor at the moment because I'm using it for my laptop *lazy* haha
Aiyohh ..
ohh well ..
i should have it somewhere ..
lemme find it ...

*Drum roll*

[Image: grover_dinner%20(very%20small).jpg]
pre DSLR days ...
ROFL!! I think the photo would be interesting if grover's head was stuck in that plate of food, upside down! =P
well .. adam managed to stick my head on it once ,.. and made my face blue ~_~
Okie dokie... objects from inside the house... candles...

[Image: DSC_0008.JPG]
wow. .interesting colours ...
is that processed .. or is that the way it originally looked ?
Not processed (a bit busy at work, so no time to muck around much, apart from lunch time)...

I overexposed it, no flash, no lighting
haha okay ..
its looks sorta funky with the Glowy look ..
Err... what is it?

By the way, that picture of the food is making me hungry, peter Smile
shuttertalk Wrote:Err... what is it?

Tis candles dude Big Grin

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