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Exif data

(Apr 4, 2016, 14:39)Jocko Wrote:  
(Apr 4, 2016, 14:08)snaphappy Wrote:  Thank you John. I know my exif data shows here, but didn't know how to see other peoples.
You have to download the image into X8. Provided the image in the viewing pane is the image you have downloaded then it will show the EXIF data.

Ah yes I see that now - thanks Smile


(Apr 4, 2016, 15:17)MrB Wrote:  Jane, to download someone else's image from a forum post, click the right mouse button anywhere on the image in the post, then in the pop-up window select "Save image as" and save it where you like on your hard drive.

You can also see the EXIF data when an image is on screen in PSP X8's "Edit" window - just click on the "Image" menu and then select "Image Information" in the drop-down menu and an information window will open.


Thanks Philip, I feel a complete novice up against the people on here. I can only get betterSmile - I hope.

As an Apple Mac user - I find "iExifier" app useful for reading my Exif data.

(Apr 3, 2016, 01:02)Jocko Wrote:  EXIF data is great for getting date and time of photograph. as long as the camera clock is set. I use it a lot for sequences of shots so I know in what order they were taken. It gives you the data of exposure, great for longer exposure shots (it can also explain camera shake!), and of course I always add the data to photographs posted here, as requested in the etiquette section.

Many cameras asign an alpha-numeric name to each image so catching order is no problem but date is another matter.

(Apr 6, 2016, 19:01)JohnF Wrote:  Many cameras asign an alpha-numeric name to each image so catching order is no problem but date is another matter.
As my camera does, but after processing, my images are renamed with place/person/whatever and it is when looking back through these processed images that sequence is evident. Also, when my wife and I go touring round Scotland in the car, she takes pictures through the windscreen, as we go. When faced with 100 pictures of lochs the time stamp is handy. I can say, that was taken 20 minutes after we stopped for lunch so that must be Loch So and So. I can then go on Google Street View to confirm the identity and name the location.

Ask yourself, "What's most important for the final image?".

Just knowing the order of the images does limit your purposes. I just meant that even if exif date & time are wrong not everything is lost.

(Apr 3, 2016, 02:36)EdMak Wrote:  Jane, right click on the pic, on Forum, then save as, save to where you wish, Desktop is easier to find!. Right click on Desktop pic, Click on Summery Tab, click on Advanced if no Info seen. Exif can be removed by editing software, or by owner. Her is one , random choice. Ed.

Is Flotilla a Windows or Mac app and might there be a version for iPad & other smart devices. I have had photos turned down for lacking EXIF data and have no way to see it myself in the iPad Photos app. I have grumped to Apple about this; maybe if others did a fix would come out.

See danmdan's post above. Will "iExifier" app work on your iPad?

Ask yourself, "What's most important for the final image?".

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