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FS - Bowens 750 watt studio flash
Hi Everyone,

I have a 750 watt (quite powerful) studio flash for sale. Bowens is a UK made brand and is one of the best on the market.

The flash comes with a gold and silver umbrellas, Manfroto stand and a sync cord. I will also include a hard travel case I use to store the light.

Very good condition - just some scuffing in one section where a softbox has been attached (does not affect the light in any way).

Replacement cost on this light is around the $2000 mark - I am looking for around $1100 plus postage - I am located in Perth if anyone wants to come and have a look.


Canon stuff.
Hey Chris,

I just bought myself a set of Alien Bees to supplement my Bowens setup so I don't have any need but I know someone who may be interested. Which series of head is it?

I will have to check at home - but it is their pro head with fully adjustable power output, multiple set-ups for the modeling light and the flash as well as the ability to run off a Bowen's battery power pack (I don't have the power pack).

The head is a kind of white/beige colour.


Canon stuff.
Hi Jamie,

It is a Bowens Prolite 100.


Canon stuff.

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