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Favourite movie quote
What's your favourite movie quote/scene? Big Grin
lol to those have seen I-robot

Will Smith: *Sneezes* "Sorry i'm allergic to Bull Sh*t"

I just lost it in the cinemas after that!
lol at that one Long, I wanna see that
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"What do you want to pack today?"
Heheh I saw that!!!! It was great! The whole cinema cracked up when Will Smith said that! Big Grin
God has placed me on earth to accomplish certain things.
Right now, I am so far behind that I will never die.
Hehe, I'm going to see it tonight. Can't wait! Smile

Oh my favourite quote is from Lilo and Stitch:

Quote:Jumba: WHAT? after all you put me through, you expect me to help you just like that? JUST LIKE THAT?
Stitch: [alien language] Ih.
Jumba: Fine!
Pleakley: "Fine"? You're doing what he says?
Jumba: He's very persuasive!

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