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hi there...

anyone come across any references to the below:

- which filters (ND) good for taking landscape pics?

A polarizer is #1.
Have found one to be able to do many many good things.

As for ND filters and landscapes, the split ones that allow darker skies with brighter earth are the best bet.
Don't have one yet, but it's the only filter I'm planning to add to my collection.

I also use stacked ND filters to allow longer shutter times, for smoother water on the ocean/rivers/lakes.
Hey cb... are you looking to find out more about the types or about the brands?
You can get the full ND filters, which will slow things down depending on which one you get, 1 stop, 2 stop, 3 stops, or even more... like 9 stops from using the hoya NDX400 Smile OR there's a B+W one as well.

I just bought a 1 stop grad nd and 2 stop grad nd, they are plastic filters by cokin for which I need to use the filter holder and adaptor ring. I bought them online as Cathay Photo had no stock. I bought my adaptor rings seperately from another source, and they havent arrived yet, so I have to hold the filters infront of the lens for now Tongue

There are also the screw-on ND filters available. and some can be rotated
I have a graduated ND filter if you want to try it out Bernard.
Canon stuff.

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