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Finally got the lens I wanted... :)
After quite a while, I've finally bought that lens I've been spying on....!

No pics from it yet, until I finish the roll of film.... HAHA

[Image: RIMG0254.JPG]

You can tell which one it is because I haven't had the chance to gaffer-tape-it-up-yet!
Good luck for your new lens, I am excited as if I had.... Smile I need a new camera and perhaps it is coming to me
as my birthday gift, I just guess Smile anyway, I'll keep watching your photos, thank you,

with my love,
“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”

Ansel Adams

Film? What's film? Smile

Happy snapping!

Dennis, 'film' is that clear plastic stuff that comes on the LCD to stop it from getting scratched.

Adam, that's a mighty pretty lens. It'll make your camera look small.I can't wait to see the photos. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
Very nice Adam - have been thinking about one of those myself.
Canon stuff.
Hoorah! 10 shots left and then I can see some results!

Dressed it up tonight... I think it looks better in black!
[Image: RIMG0261.JPG]
Niiiice glass Adam Big Grin

Wow, you have more gaffa tape on your stuff than me! Tongue
pendulum15 Wrote:Niiiice glass Adam Big Grin

Wow, you have more gaffa tape on your stuff than me! Tongue
HEHE I love gaffering everything Smile Not for any functional purpose (protection, stealing or whatever), but because I like my things plain looking.

Finished the roll today, got it developed, scanning now Big Grin
Haha you even gaffa-ed the red line! Noooo! Big Grin
I like things black
[Image: IMG_0004.jpg]
Whaaat, I thought colour was the new black Big Grin

My gaffa covers all the buttons I stupidly press while shooting (AF/MF, vertical shutter on-off, IS) and has a bunch wrapped around the hood so I can fix things that break.... Big Grin

How do you find shooting film only (or mainly)?
hahahaha!!! The hood on my 35 is like a gaffer-dispenser as well!! Big Grin So I can pull off a strip in case of an emergency Tongue
I wouldn't mind some coloured gaffer in the future - give the gear a different flavour... maybe something fluorescent! bahahaha Big Grin

I like shooting film (mainly), slows me down from simply machine gunning and makes everyone go "woah! you shoot film? PRO!" (joking about this one Big Grin). I like the limitations and challenges it sets up, making things a bit more interesting. and I like the look of it as well!

Digital still has it's place with me, like if someone wants me to take many photographs for them, or taking photos with my digital compact that's usually in my bag Cool Gave my first DSLR to my sister and my 2nd is with my friend now - and I'm not missing them at all.

I finished scanning the roll and have them up on my website...
[Image: 116-10.jpg]
My dad

[Image: 116-04.jpg]
My sister

Got 5 shots left on the roll in there now, will hopefully finish that tomorrow... so far it's mostly been photos of my family because they're the only people I can take photos of apart from myself.

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Finally got the lens I wanted... :)00