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First experiences with OMD-E5
My wife now has a full system (5 lenses - all primes except the long one). The fisheye arrived as we returned from a long weekend outing. My wife loved the low weight (no problem for her to carry ALL in the smallest Thinktank Beltpacks). It was 37C and our 2 walks (about 90 minutes each) were not comfortable, given the extreme humidity of the wetlands. My wife handled the heat and weight better than I did with a larger version of the same beltpack laden with a camera and 3 lenses, 2 of which are quite bulky.

My wife is not too far into the manual, but with my help, she was soon comfortable with (and getting good results) manual mode exposure (camera sets the ISO. Can be overridden.) I set up the camera so that the viewfinder image is magnified during manual zoom. It worked fine except with the long lens, when it became unacceptably slow. Her photos looked fine on the camera monitor. The fast primes allowed her to control DOF - something that was always important to her. In order to help her, I had to play with the camera myself, so i have a bit of a sense of how the camera works and I like it. All the key controls (for me, including aperture, shutter speed) are easily accessible using dedicated dials or buttons except ISO, and I understand ISO is assignable to a nuber of different buttons. Automatic exposure override is similar to that on Nikons and works fine. Information in the LCD and viewfinder is extensive and configurable. All buttons seem large enough for me to handle, despite the DPReview comments. I found the camera handled naturally and predictably and fitted well into my hands. Buttons were where I expected them and convenient to use. In fact, I found this camera a joy and I would recommend this over an APS-C -based DSLR, provided that the image quality turns out OK. I am looking forward to looking at the uploaded images.
Please see my photos at (fewer, better image quality, not updated lately)
or at (all photos)

That's awesome. The E-M5 looks like a really compelling camera. A friend of mine recently had a lot of his camera gear stolen, so now that the insurance cheque has come through the E-M5 is one of the cameras that he's considering. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •

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