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The following post is #4 from the Street Photography Thread:
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(Dec 20, 2015, 16:07)Freeman Wrote: Hi all

I enjoyed the Vivian Maier portfolio though they do seem perhaps a little dated now but that's only me. However the editor says something very interesting - to do street photography you need a peer group which of course is what in part this forum provides. The other thing he says is that you need loads of practice: shoot shoot shoot. My hope is that we don't have to produce top shots for the forum all the time, mind. I never could. But for the forum to be fully what it is we should upload our best attempts and hope to receive feedback. Perhaps we could add the two key factors together and say: shoot - post on forum - shoot - post on forum?



Very good points there, Jeff.

A further consideration on the feedback point - perhaps members sometimes post images straight into the 'Photo Showcase' Forum, where critique (other than praise) is frowned upon, without thinking about what they might gain by making use of some of the other Forum Sections that Barbara has made available to us - particularly the 'Photo Critique' and the 'Photo Assignments and Challenges' Forums - where any critique is welcomed.

Even when one does not agree with the critiques posted about an image (whether positive, constructively critical, or edited images), they can almost always encourage one to think, reflect, and learn more about photography.


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