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Fuji Retro-compact rumour
Why mess with a winning formula? Fuji have definitely hit something with the retro styling of the X100 and X10, and are looking to release another compact in the same vien. It's smaller than the X10, with no EVF or OVF meaning it's purely LCD shooting. No details about the sensor, but the lens is less impressive than the one on the X10, although it does boast a 4x zoom and f1.8 to f4.9 min aperture range.

Compared to the X10 as well it seems some of the external dials and buttons are missing as well - e.g. the exposure compensation dial at the top, plus the AE, AF and WB buttons on the back left - but to its credit there are still two dials control dials available.

However, this all means a much more compact package - one that could possibly be carried in a handbag or jacket pocket easily.
No longer a rumor!

In leather! Sexy! (The camera too!)

Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
Yeah looks very sexy! Very impressive too - almost like a shrunken X10 which will fit into pockets.

The sensor looks to be the same as the X10 but the lens (specwise) looks to be inferior for brightness - f1.8-4.9 vs f2.0-2.8. The only other thing I don't quite like is the two-step lens extension mechanism, where you have to actually pull out the lens. I think if you handed it to someone else, they would probably spend a couple of minutes scratching their head trying to turn it on.

Still it's very appealing - if I didn't have my X10, I think it would be a very tough choice tossing between the two.
They are really pushing this as a fashion accessory.

Digging the brunette in red ... does she come with the camera?

If I didn't already have a pocketable p&s (Sony) I'd probably grab one of these.
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
I was able to play with a pre-production model today, and I have to say that it is a nice-looking little camera. It's longer than my S100, which gives it a more camera-like shape, but the lens collapses down to keep it quite pocketable. I like it. (Won't buy it, probably, but like it.) I predict that this will be a popular camera for aftermarket camera leathers. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
Yes, looks very nice indeed. Definitely would appeal to the female crowd. (especially the red!)

Again, I still don't quite like the pull out lens design - wish it was a simple twist like the X10. But maybe I need to handle it in person before I make that judgement.

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