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Future Shuttertalking!
Hey Shuttertalkers...

Just wanted to thank everyone for their time and effort in contributing to Shuttertalk so far. One month on - I've really enjoyed all the crazy conversations and technical (or not so technical) discussions...

It would be interesting to see where we are in 12 months time - [dream]shuttertalk conferences?!? meet-ups and shoot-outs?[/dream] And we could all look back and say "I was one of the founding members of shuttertalk!" Big Grin

Anyway, just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how we can (1) increase new members joining up, (2) increase participation from "lurkers", and (3) increase forum activity? Could we start posting flyers around uni campuses? Write URLs in public toilet walls? Big Grin

Crazy or not, let me know what you think... it might just work! Anyway, I'm opening up this thread to any suggestions, thoughts, ideas, changes to the site, what you'd like to see more of, fantasies etc. Feel free to share!
Meet-up at my place any one?
We can go up to Mt. Sugarloaf and take some pics from the mountain (I can see the boats in the sea using my 10x Optical (f=5.7-57mm))

Maybe we become a pron photograpgers comminity (get a few more hits, LMAO)

I lke the idea ot meet up and shoot outs =)
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"What do you want to pack today?"
yeah ...
costs a bit more for us perthies to fly ova eastern states ...
but im sure one day we will probably be able to ..
ive been meaning to visit there ..
How about I meet with Peter and Long?
sorry about this off-topic-ness, I'll get right back onto topic in my next post when I've had some rest Wink
Hehe, Shuttertalk: western-contingent
when we get big enough..
then we can think about having shuttetalk division ..
then we can say things like " Yes, Please contact the Perth office for any enquiries"
*gives Adams phone number*
How about a bi-weekly/monthly 'Shuttertalk Spotlight" segment to feature weekly spotlights on Shuttertalkers, where you interview individual Shuttertalkers and post the interview up?

Examples of questions:

Tell us about how you got into photography.
What's your favourite photo? (post the pic)
Where do you see yourself (with regards to photography) in 2 years time?

blah blah blah...
God has placed me on earth to accomplish certain things.
Right now, I am so far behind that I will never die.
Oh I forgot to add - put the spotlight on the newer members & lurkers to get them involved..
God has placed me on earth to accomplish certain things.
Right now, I am so far behind that I will never die.
hey good idea axeman!

* scribbles down idea in notebook *

any other ideas, shuttertalkers! Big Grin
hrmmm well i'm visiiting adelaide end of the year... and i might drop by melb and sydney. Maybe peter and adam wanna come with?? and have an 'eastern conference' =P
Should go to UK... so that Rufus can join in the fun as well.
Tis lovely during summer... Big Grin
Haha, UK.. maybe in 2008. Big Grin

Or maybe Greece for Olympics this year Big Grin
I just noticed, ST, that the Forums link on the menu bar leads to register.php... I'm not sure that this is the best way to attract new members... It implies that you have to register first - even though you say you don't.

I know that when I first found, if I had clicked on 'Forums' and then seen a registration page, I would've moved on to somewhere else.

Perhaps a better way would be to make some forums members-only (perhaps the General and Showcase Categories?) Give people an incentive to join.

I don't think there's a mod for that so you have to hard-code it - but a mod shouldn't be too hard to write.
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Oooh, good idea Cailean, regarding the member-only forums... Now to find time to do some coding... Big Grin

Oh by the way, with the forum link to registration page, I was intending that to be like an introduction page to our forums... they could still continue on without registration, but I guess it could be a bit confusing. Thanks for the tip, I've changed it back.
if we could make up flyers i'd be happy to plaster them around the place, unis etc, and give them to fellow perth photographers. then we could have meetups and photo-adventures, go to cool places together etc and snap snap!
This is counter culture from the underground
Eternal revolution this is our sound
KMFDM better than the best
Megalomanical and harder than the rest
Where abouts in Perth are you janey ?
janey Wrote:if we could make up flyers i'd be happy to plaster them around the place, unis etc, and give them to fellow perth photographers

Alright! Now who's a graphic artist around here?
Hey ST, when I'm not as busy at work I can help you out with posters etc
That reminds me... we should catch up one day... I still have your wedding present... ooops

But, I reckon the post processing expert aka Rufus should be a good graphic artist as well... Big Grin
Yeah ...
rufus should design me an A4 Black and white image that i can put on a reso mesh ^_-
Design a what??????????

I will if I can, but I dont know what you mean! Rolleyes
Cave canem
a riso mesh = Tshirt printing screen ..
you do a design in black and white..
and then get it transfered to a printing screen ,,,
and make cool Tshirts ^___^
Ah, I see. When you say b/w, do you mean strictly B&W, or greyscale?
Cave canem
Howz this?

[Image: s-talk.jpg]

In strict B&W, it looks like this,

[Image: s-talkBW.jpg]

This is a small version of the original:

[Image: skimColour.jpg]
Cave canem
Is it a nude woman? Leaves? Sunrise?
Cave canem
Wow... looks great, Rufus! Should put somewhere and we can make T-shirts! Big Grin

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