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Gallery Software
Hey Folx,

I'm in the market for some gallery software, I've been using JAlbum which is pretty good and also Photoshop but I'm still not happy, anyone have any suggestions?

If all else fails I might just have to do it from scratch but I'd rather something highly configurable that I can update fairly easily.


You could do a web based solution - i.e. install some php scripts and upload your photos, which will dynamically update your gallery.

I've used these before and are pretty happy with them:

But there are a plethora of others out there.
Thanks for the suggestions,

Ideally it will be something that fits in with my existing site layouts. I'll have to do some research over the weekend.
What's the URL to your site, J?
Hey the hosting came with Menalto as the gallery software, I've only just started playing with it but it looks pretty funky.

The site will be up at once I get my act together Smile

This one is quite nice, is totally free, and dead simple to use. It will give you an index page, a filmstrip set of thumbnails and large popup display of the selected thumnbnail.


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