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Ghost Pics
I took this ghost picture when i was in an old Indian hospital that was being used as a school

Ghost Pic
Want a Faster PC for your pics?
See the RAM Specialist

Hehe, very funny, ramboy. Multiple exposure?
scarey ghost! I also got a few ghosts while i was doing a long exposure of esplanade Smile haha
Can you post any examples? Smile
That's really good! How do you do that?
God has placed me on earth to accomplish certain things.
Right now, I am so far behind that I will never die.
I will as soon as I get my ADSL modem back! Because I can't log in to my FTP from this dialup account as it has a different IP address from my ADSL IP address.

[Image: CRW_0329_JFR%20(Small).JPG]

When I was in Singapore, there was a ghost woman walking around during this long exposure.
Wow, awesome shot adam!

Can't see the ghost woman... or is that because she's a ghost? Big Grin
Great shot adam... but can't see the ghost... maybe I need new glasses... Big Grin
Maybe she's behind you! hahah! *joking* Smile
Here's some ghostlike pictures we did on monday at King park.
My friend put it on a long exposure, while we ran around flashing ourselves in the face.
[Image: IMG_6227e.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6229e.jpg]

I can't seem to upload any more pics onto my uni account, maybe I'll reached the limit Smile

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