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Graphics tablets
Surely the cheaper end of the graphics tablet market has now improved?
"Trust" products are everywhere, but should we trust them? :/
More expensive beasties are also to be seen, roaming the digital range, but for a cheapo, (preferably wireless), tablet, to go with Photoshop, what's best?

Anyone use one, or have an opinion, (or both!).

Big Grin

Who let all these commas out? :o
Cave canem

Interesting question(s) Rufus.. I'd like to know too!

I just downloaded Inkscape (, an open source vector drawing program (pretty cool by the way) and I think a graphics tablet would be very nice indeed to doodle with...
I've tried 2 of the Wacom tablets, the $100 and the $300 and I couldn't get on with either of them. Could just be that I've always sucked at drawing by hand though.
I have the smallest cheapest Wacom and love it for editing fine details. I find I have much more control with it than with the mouse.
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
I have the 6x8" Intuous and love it. I use it all the time, and even the cordless mouse on top of it. Also have Painter IX as well as Photoshop CS2, so use the graphics tablet all the time. I couldn't draw anything with a mouse.
So Bob hates them, and Claire 'n' Slej like 'em. :/

Claire and Slej:
Are you good at drawing with pen and paper? Is that the thing?
I'm not, and I wouldnt like to make an expensive, (nor INexpensive), mistake! :o

I take it that there are no adverse reactions with CS? No lock-up, cock-ups or screw-ups? No?

Other than the obvious pen style widget, what else makes a tablet good or bad?
How important is physical tablet size? I mean, a big tablet may be hard to swallow! :o
Cave canem

The 6x8 tablet is a good size, and the physical size of the tablet is larger on your desk - 10 x 13". I don't have room for any larger one.

I also use the keyboard and have a pull out beneath the part that holds my digital tablet.[Image: tabletsetup.jpg]

I use the pen even for pulling down menus, drawing rectangles in Photoshp for cropping, and lots of other activities too. It is great for fixing red eye in photos with Photoshop CS2. I also like it for touching up photos with the healing tool, and also touching up skin tone, etc. It is also great for making photos look like paintings, using the color picker and an appropriate size brush, just painting on a duplicate layer with strokes.
I have the 4x5 and it's adequate for me, though if wallet permitted the 6x8 would be better.

I am "okay" drawing with pencil and paper. I have done sketching, a long time ago, and I studied architecture a little bit. Also, like Claire, I have Painter. So those factors may all influence my positive experience with the tablet.

I believe Conk (aka Peto) has one too, and has had mixed feelings.

Question for you, dog: Why do you think you need one?
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
Ah, well; need is perhaps too strong a word. I dont like mice. Nasty lumpy things. No pressure sense, and too unintuitive. (Unintuitive??? I'm not sure if that's a real word).
Cave canem
The pen/tablet, in my opinion, is very intuitive. Need a broad brush stroke? Push it down and "paint" a broad brush stroke. Need a fine pencil line? Press lightly and draw a fine line.

The pressure sensitivity of the Graphire is not as good as on the Intuos line. Get what you pay for, I suppose.
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
....................................Get what you pay for, I suppose Said SleJ

Oh Lorks! That means a stick and slate for me then!!! :o :o :o
Cave canem

I sold my Graphire 3, 4x5 tablet. I just couldn't get use to the difference from the stroke on the tablet to the screen as oppose to the stroke with the mouse to the screen. I would suggest you buy one from a place that you have the option of returning it if you can. It might be the best thing since home baked dog biscuits or it can be like wearing a muzzle and having a bad itch you know where. Big Grin
Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
My flickr images
I just got my first issue of Photoshop User featuring a wonderful study by Fay Sirkis on photo painting. This is what I like to do and want to learn more techniques for improvement. You can do a Google search for "Fay Sirkis" and see her gallery. I take a lot of pictures of people in informal settings, and like to crop the closeups and "paint" them. You don't really have to know how to draw to do this and have a pretty good outcome. You couldh't do it with a mouse. I have the Intuous 2. Now the Intuous 3 is out with a pen-brush that gets better results, but I will have to wait a while before I upgrade to that. Following the magazine's study, I have done this much on a photo of one of my friends -- I had to stop last night and decided to pick up again when I have time:
[Image: millie%20partial%20w.jpg]

More shading needs to be done and, of course, finishing out the picture. I'm also using Painter IX along with Photoshop CS2.
Tablets take a lot of getting used to but they are invaluable if you use Photoshop (or PSP or whatever your editing package is). Drawing is much easier for selecting and airbrushing as well as any drawing you do (I can't draw for nuts!)

Mine is a 6 x 8" too, I did try the smaller and larger sizes when I was buying it but this one was recommended and suits.
Mmm, thanks folks. Thanks monkey boy.......... Hmmmm..... :/
Cave canem
A Wacom tablet is on my christmas wish list!
Retouching service at

It seems you lot are all getting into tablets. Good call! Smile

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