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Great Photoshopping Website
The Worth 1000 website linked below has some amazing galleries of top-notch photoshopping. Not sure if I like the name though?!?! :/
We're not talking subtle exposure and colour control stuff here.. but the full-on no-holds-barred head-switching type of photoshopping.

They regularly run photoshopping assignments to do such things as "uglify celebrities" or make "cyborg pets" or "super extreme sports" and so on... but not only do they have a great sense of humour but the skills of some of the people who submit entries are something to behold. :o I think the "Evil Animals" is my favourite gallery section.

They also have some very detailed tutorials on photoshopping and some other photography stuff too!

Big Grin I just had a look through this post and realised it looks just like spam! Big Grin Big Grin doh! I'm not affiliated with that site in any way.. honest! And I don't think they sell anything anyway.. Rolleyes

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Yeah, that site is pretty funny - there are some other ones too like this one...

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