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Great free photography documentaries on Youtube
Hey all!
So I already knew there are a lot great documentaries about photographers and photography on the web for free; especially Youtube is a great source. I thought this would be a great thread to exchange some great inspiration to each other for those quiet nights after a hard days of work. (I searched the forum but didn't find a thread about this yet; if it already exists I'm really sorry! And yes, i know there are a lot of great things to find; but I would like to know which you guys think are the best)
Let me start of by the incredible story of Robert Capa:
The many lives of William Klein:
No Worries - Martin Parr:

I am still looking for Annie Leibovitz : Life through a lens. I saw it in school once but for now I can only find it in Russian...
So! Anybody else have some great inspirational photography (or documentaries about artists which still can be inspiration for us photographers) ? 
Let's share!

Two of my favorites, both on Ansel Adams.
(Apr 21, 2017, 13:15)EnglishBob Wrote: Two of my favorites, both on Ansel Adams.
Thank you! I don't know them yet; so guess what I will be watching tonight Smile
Great documentaries!
I only saw the one with Ansel Adams.I don't do much landscape but i'm inspired by his life story.
I will also attach a video with Sebastião Salgado :
Salgado's inspiration for me is that as photographer you should have higher purpose in life than your photography. His shots are the proof of a personal pursuit in making the world a better place for future generations.
That's a fantastic one Robert, will be looking for more of his work.

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