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Hi there! I am also new on this forum and opened this thread just for say hello and wish you good day. I will not affirm that I am big specialist in photography, but I like it and would like to improve my skill. So, 2 years experience with Photoshop and Gimp, now I'm trying to master adobe illustrator. Here is my profile on Ello  

Recently I bought new camera Nikon D3300 and I would like also to learn more about gear and different types of lenses (especially for portrait and landscape photography). My other hobby is music, I play guitar and piano. 

Thanks !  Smile

Hi and welcome Kristoph,

In general an 80mm lens is good for portraits (using full frame camera). For cameras with smaller sensors reduce the focal length to give you an 80 mm equivalent on your camera. This may be covered by any lens that came with your camera. Obviously a fixed focal length quality lens will give better results.  I use an 80 mm f1.8 lens.

Best regards

You can view a few of my images including some actions shots at


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