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Hey musos, just letting you all know that I've started a new site, specifically for guitar news, reviews and related stories. It's a joint effort between my brother and I - hopefully we'll see some of you there, since many are avid guitarists as well.

Feel free to post any comments; also let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback.

Hey all, just letting you know that we've posted some interesting articles recently:

- VOX AC15CC Mod Guide

- Guitar Review: Sparrow Primitive Boss

- Pedal Review: T.C. Jauernig Electronics Gristle King

Feel free to drop by and post some comments!
Wow, that's a great site.
I'll be going there often--thanks.
Thanks Keith! Glad you like it... Big Grin
Missed this! On it..NOW!
All my stuff is here:
(Just click on the TOP RIGHT buttons to take you to my Image Galleries or Music Rooms!)
My band TRASHVILLE, in which I'm lead guitarist:
Good stuff, and more frequent new postings than I expected.

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