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Harry Potter?

Will you be watching the new Harry Potter movie?

i don't think so not really my type of movie.

Besides i don't really believe in all that witch craft stuff

Since light travels faster than sound,
people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Watched it. Was ok. but thats about it. LOTR it is not.

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I don't watch movies.
The last movie I went to the cinema to watch was Armageddon.
It's not only because I don't like to waste money, but the real reason is just a lack of interest (that's why I call it a waste of money).
There has been much debate over Harry Potter, apparently since it has witchcraft in it, but you could watch it, be entertained, and not be effected by it, I think it'd be okay to watch. Just as long as you don't cause others to stumble.

Harry who?

God has placed me on earth to accomplish certain things.
Right now, I am so far behind that I will never die.

Harry the photographer Big Grin

A lot of things on media nowadays have both subtle and obvious references to witchcraft. In as much that we have to look out for the subtle ones, I am surprised that a number of Christians still 'indulge' themselves in movies and tv shows that are, in their face, promoting witchcraft, i.e. 'Harry Potter', 'Charmed'. It may be good entertainment value and we could say that "as long as my motives are pure, I'm going to watch this just for the sake of watching and nothing else", still we are exposing ourselves to be 'influenced' consciously or sub-consciously. Patronising them encourages the producers of such films/shows to produce even more of the same genre. As producers, they don't care what they sell.. as long as it sells. Adam also pointed out how we witness to other people. When people especially the impressionable teens, both Christians and non-Christians, see Christians watch a movie about witchcraft, they'd think it's okay. Sad

In the end we should think whether it's glorifies God or not. This is the best justification for our actions.

Isn't 'Full Metal Jacket' a violent and vulgar movie?

God has placed me on earth to accomplish certain things.
Right now, I am so far behind that I will never die.

I thought it's a cartoon, or am I mixing it up? hehe.

I will agree with FullMetalJacket - since we're living for God, whatever we do should glorify him.

I better look over the stuff I'm doing..

It's a movie by Stanley Kubrick about young soldiers going to Vietnam.

I was curious, so I watched it last night. Mr. Kubrick has an 'interesting' way of portraying these young soldiers.

I found the drill seargent rather disturbing. One part of me could understand that his abusive manner towards his men was an attempt to toughen their physical and mental resolve to prepare them to face and kill the Viet Cong. But his abuse seemed over the top at times and there was also an irreverent remark where he implied that God was pleased when the soldiers killed people.

For some strange reason I also keep hearing the phrases "Me love you long time" and "Me so horny" echoing in my head, heheh.... (For those who haven't seen FMJ, there's a scene where a Vietnamese prostitute is trying to entice 2 American soldiers to enlist her 'services'.

I'm no Harry Potter or Charmed fan, but I thought Harry Potter and Charmed was relatively tame compared to this movie. Although I do bear in mind that FMJ is targeting a different audience (not kids).

God has placed me on earth to accomplish certain things.
Right now, I am so far behind that I will never die.

Hi and welcome FullMetalJacket - thanks for your opinions. I agree - we should look to see if our actions glorify God or not, as they are a testimony to those around us... Smile

Hey guys, let's not get too caught up on his screen name... Big Grin

p.s. How's the baby FMJ? Smile

Yes - I'm not trying to pick on you FMJ - I just get carried away sometimes so I apologise if I've offended you. Big Grin

And yes, congratulations on being a father! May God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and your family! Smile

God has placed me on earth to accomplish certain things.
Right now, I am so far behind that I will never die.

Ooopss.. I thought my identity won't be exposed so easily. I shouldn't have placed a more obvious email address.

No offense here, axeman (reminds me of the 'Halloween' movies and 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'). Chose to use 'FullMetalJacket' as it was the very first nick I used during the early years of Internet chatting and this was the movie that was out at that time (which now exposes how old I really am). If I can recall correctly, 'Full Metal Jacket' is the term used for an M16 ammo. Wink I am fond of war movies as my Dad took my brother and I along to watch WWII flicks when we were very young. They weren't as bloody and graphic as they are now.

Anyways, the bub is doing well... keeping both Mum and Dad on their feet especially in the early hours of the morning. Don't mind it though... I get to work earlier now!

Getting back to the topic, I'm just a bit concerned that we take everything that the media throws at us without thinking about how it would influence us. Television is Satan's back door to our homes and families that we have to be careful of what we watch.

Ooops... lucky guess! Smile

Hey I love war movies and books too... must have been from my cadet days. I find the strategy facinating and the courage of the soldiers admirable... I thought "We Were Soldiers" was a great movie.

Can't wait to see the little bub next! She's my favourite niece! Big Grin

Cool site! I love it when people get into these sort of discussions... besides photography!

Hi and welcome, Red Eye! Feel free to chip in! Smile

Since it's pointed out witchcraft makes Harry Potter a no-no, isn't it that the Lord of the Rings have elves, fairies, and wizards too?


Apparently I was named after a famous German general they called the 'Desert Fox'. I don't know why German... sure glad it wasn't the Fuhrer.

I can't wait for the next little bub! Hmmm... who's next on the list....
Isn't she your only niece?

FullMetalJacket Wrote:Apparently I was named after a famous German general they called the 'Desert Fox'. I don't know why German... sure glad it wasn't the Fuhrer.

Oh really? You were named after Rommel? He was supposed to be a brilliant tank commander! That's pretty interesting! Smile

FullMetalJacket Wrote:I can't wait for the next little bub! Hmmm... who's next on the list.... Isn't she your only niece?

There's also Isabella... well sort of... she's my cousin-in-law's daughter. Is that still considered a niece? Smile

Hey I saw this review of Harry Potter 3 from a Christian perspective. For most part it covers the plot, rating, etc. but it also says:

Quote:I wouldn't suggest that viewing Harry Potter will lead to spiritual destruction. But it's a mistake to underestimate the impact of the occult, even in children's entertainment. Make no mistake, the real purpose of the occult is to lead people from the truth.

Both the Old and New Testaments warn against an involvement with these dark practices. In Revelation 22:15, NIV, Jesus states clearly that those who practice magic arts will suffer the same disastrous fate as murderers, idolaters, and the sexually immoral.

Hm.. interesting huh?

So is watching a movie like Harry Potter means getting involved in the occult? That seems to be a hard assumption.

Really interesting discussion!

Have to admit that there is a lot of junk out there passing as "entertainment". There is no doubt that from a Biblical perspective, the practice of witchcraft and the occult are sins. I think the question is "what is the message and how is it being preached to the audience"? Shows like Charmed and movies like Harry Potter are intended for the younger audience and to this younger audience it gives the impression that dabbling in the occult is cool - in fact, it can be used to defeat the Bad Guys. The elements of witchcraft are obvious - spells, wands, magical objects, magic potions etc. Clearly what is being promoted is the use of witchcraft and this is not the message that you want young impressionable children to be exposed to. As adults, you would hope that we would be more discerning as to how what we choose to take away from movies/shows that we watch. But there is no denying that many adults watch these movies like children, and so are easily swayed by the message.

I think Lord of the Rings is completely different altogether. If you have seen the movies, there is no chanting of spells, no magic potions. When do the heroes call upon supernatural dark forces for help? Even Gandalf doesn't wave a wand or chant prayers to the gods. Yes there is the ring, but the ring is possessed by an evil spirit and the main heroes (Sam, Frodo & Aragon) do not use magic to destroy it. In fact, the movies and (more importantly) the books promote a message of moral victory - we see this clearly in Sam and Frodo, and also in Aragon - against the forces of evil. If you read the whole back story to the LOTR saga, found in a book called the Silmarillion, you'll find that Tolkien wrote of a single Creator and the fall of his creation.

Anyhoo, I think the bottom line is - what is the message and how is it being preached to its intended audience? Even if the message is 'good', the way in which it is being communicated may corrupt the audience.

God bless.

PS Excellent website Mr Shuttertalk Smile

Hi, welcome, and thanks Tekoa!

Tekoa - I agree, and I definintely have something against Harry Potter and shows like Charmed, because it promotes witchcraft as "pop" and "hip" to the younger generation. Great points about LOTR too.

Redeye - I don't think that by the simple act of watching a movie, that you're committing or subscribing to its beliefs. However, I think the controversy lies in the fact that Harry Potter is targeted towards an audience of highly impressionable youth...

Thanks for the reassurance, shuttertalk. Now I'm off to watch Shrek2 and Spiderman2. They're both okay, right?

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