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Harry Potter?

Hahah, it's up to you to decide for yourself I guess Big Grin

I thought Shrek 2 was quite funny (although I liked the first one better) and I think I'm watching Spiderman 2 this Sunday Smile

Well, I'm a Christian and I watched (notice past tense) Harry Potter 1 and 3.

Don't get me wrong... I think promoting witchcraft as a pop and hip thing is wrong... dead set against such practice... but sometimes it's difficult to argue for or against a specific movie if you haven't even attempted to watch it. Non-christian might call us dogmatic and narrow minded.

It's just like us pleading the Jews to watch Passion of Christ by Mel Gibson before passing judgement that it's aimed as a propaganda against Jews.

I have watched the videos/dvd, and read all the books, and I can't do any witchcraft? spells, make things move, eat all flavoured jelly beans, or apparate make an astronomicus( forgotten the name)

It is a childrens story, like Hans Christian Anderson or the brothers Grimm for goodness sake. Witchcraft my rear end.
In the Disney film Cinderella's coach turned into a pumpkin. Are you implying that is witch craft? The world is insane. Rolleyes

I don't know why I am getting involved here. Big Grin

Lumix LX5.
Canon 350 D.+ 18-55 Kit lens + Tamron 70-300 macro. + Canon 50mm f1.8 + Manfrotto tripod, in bag.

If I were still in Wnnipeg, I'd definitely see it in 3D with my friend Jim. In my new Long Island life I probably will never get a chance.

Nikon D3100 with Tokina 28-70mm f3.5, (I like to use a Vivitar .43x aux on the 28-70mm Tokina), Nikkor 10.5 mm fisheye, Quanteray 70-300mm f4.5, ProOptic 500 mm f6.3 mirror lens.

I haven't stepped foot inside a cinema since 1985--Purple Rain if you care.
Didn't feel an uncontrollable urge to jump into Lake Minnetonka after seeing it, and wife-beating didn't take hold of me, either.

The idea that entertainments have the power to negatively influence someone's behavior is something that only comes to those with tragically weak and fearful minds. If that's you, your parents have failed to turn you into a responsible citizen of this world. A pity.

If you don't expose yourself to "the enemy" and his ideas, how are you going to understand and fight him?
If the depiction of things that are against your teachings can change your core beliefs for the worse, PLEASE don't look at film footage of the Holocaust, or 'Footloose'.
Tongue Big Grin Rolleyes

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