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Help !
Ok here is the deal .
I am needing around 8 gigs of memory for the soccer tourn. in 3 weeks . The 4 gig microdrive card that i have has had a lot of shot run through it and i have heard that you shouldnt shoot over 10000 shots on cards ( i dont know where i read that ) . I know i will need to get a few more cards anyway i was thinking 2 gig cards . but what about a media device or something similar ? i dont know anything about them , some people say they are great and some say they dont trust them.
I will be shooting about 1 gig a game ( possibly more depends on the game and how excited i get LOL ) and the amount of games i shoot will prob be around 5 a day . I really dont know what to do here , and i trust yalls thoughts .

Thanks and any more info yall need jsut hollar ......... Shawn
Canon 20d and a few cheap lenses ..

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If you can afford it, buy an iPod and the photo connector. It will give you more space than you will probably ever need, and you can use it for music as well. I carry 2 - 1GB cards and an iPod when I travel, and I never even come close to filling it (and I still have 2000 songs on it that I never erase). The 2 cards lat me for a day's shooting, and I upload to the iPod at night, and erase the cards for the nest day.
Good question Shawn - I'm facing a similar dilemma myself.

Mr T, how long does it take to transfer a 1G memory card?

I'm thinking that one might not have the luxury of time during a soccer game - so you might need a few cards on hand at least Shawn..
If you are up-loading to an ipod does your picture quality stay the same?
BeaglesToo Wrote:If you are up-loading to an ipod does your picture quality stay the same?
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it does. The iPod will function as a mass storage device, and the converter thingy just copies the file over...
ST you are correct, however i belive the ipod isnt ideal for this kind of transfers. A cheaper and faster opition would be Nexto or similar. (unless you already own a ipod offcourse)

Iv used a epson P-2000, its was very slow but the screen was nice. Even though i never used it. Sold it and bought a Nexto, Its super fast and the very easy to use.

The new Epson units seems to be faster, even though not as fast as the nexto.

/Paul L.
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We have this one and it is very fast, we haven't got any problem with it so far. The plastic case in waterproof, and it isn't too roomy. Sorry I couldn't find a page in English... It doesn't have screen because we thought we wouldn't need it. So far we haven't missed it.

I have three 2G cards, so when I am using the third one I store the ones I have used and I am never without card in the camera. I can store 150 raw files more or less in a 2G card, and I liked better 2G, because in case it corrupts and becomes unusable you just lose 2G.

Now that you mentioned, I think it is also a good idea not to have many pictures in one card.
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