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Help! Traveling to Africa
Hey guys,
Me and my wife are Lord willing going on a mission trip to Nigeria. I am planning on taking my Canon EOS Rebel XT. I would appreciate any advice about protecting my camera and lenses from the elements. I am also worried about losing my pictures when going through x-ray machines and metal detectors. I know we have some exp. travelers out there so I am calling out for help. Thanks and God Bless.
In Christ,
For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty. 1Peter 1:16
Don't worry toom uch about x-rays and metal detectors, I've never had a problem with them erasing anything. If you are paranoid, however, it's fairly simple to get some online hosting and (assuming you have access to the internet), upload all your photos before you travel just in case. That way if they do disappear, they still exist and it's a simple matter of downloading them again. I would suggest using an FTP server rather than an image hosting site so you can upload the RAW files.

As for protecting from the elements, it's really up to common sense. Don't open it to change memory cards or batteries or change lenses if there's a lot of dust or moisture in the air, and don't let your camera change temperatues quickly. If you know you're going to go from hot to cold or vice-versa very quickly, seal your camera and lenses in plastic bags. This way, the air inside the bags will change more slowly and prevent condensation forming.

If you don't already, get a UV filter for each of your lenses. UV filters are used for film, and do absolutely nothing to digital photography, but if something is going to get scratched, you would probably rather it be a $50 filter (or cheaper from ebay) than a several hundred dollar lens.

Another thing you can do to protect against dust or light rain is get a large-enough plastic bag (strong plastic like a zip-loc bag, not weak and flimsy), cut a hole in it the size of your lens hood, and tape your lens in the hole. then you just attach the hood to the lens, and fold the bag back over the camera. Just stick your hands inside the bag to use the camera.

Hope this has helped, and have a great trip.
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not much to add, except that the rebel is an extraordinarily sturdy piece of equipment.
many of us have used it for years .

I have started wrapping a film called "parafilm", non sticky, stretchy plastic from a scientific laboratory, around the bayonet to prevent dust from entering, but it actually doesn't seem to help to much.

Where are you going to? How long are you planning to stay?

One thing I have been missing on extended trips is one of those portable little hard drives onto which you can download your pictures on the way when you don't have a chance to download them to your computer regularly.

Have a great time,

That's a lot of worry for someone stepping out in faith for Jesus! Big Grin
Just joking: good for you!
Yes: online storage +1; they can be just data of course, if you've no immediate wish to process the pics. The x-ray thing=not a worry; wasn't either with film really. Don't try and hide the camera in your shoe, of course...Cool
+1 for the placcy bag too: maybe restrict yourself to fewer lenses, or even to the one: that way , you'll shoot more quality as you're thinking more; you'll also minimise dust, etc; by not swapping lenses all the time AND it'll be lighter..and will attract less attention.
Looking forward to the results.
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Thanks to all for the advice. I will def. put it to good use. We are going to Osogbo, Nigeria. We will be going from July 31- Aug. 8th. So please be in prayer for us and the Lord's work. Again thanks for all of the advice.
In Christ,

P.S. I will def. be posting some pics when we get back.
For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty. 1Peter 1:16

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