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How Often Do You Upgrade?
Rangefinders are cool though, tool of the trade for anyone doing street photography. Now what I'd love is one of those not so bulky medium format rangefinders, that would be fun!

Welcome aboard patch, good to see another Sandgroper on here Smile
Hey Epson announced a digital rangefinder recently -should be interesting to get one's hands on that...
Ahh..the never ending quest for new "stuff". For me it boils down to a simple matter of economics. I remember my first 35mm, Pentax K1000. Man was I in love. Then came the investment in the lenses. It was quite a while before I made the move to digital with my first Kodak DC2000 (just like Bob) and for a while life was good, until more MP's were added and I upgraded in about a year. That finally lasted until Canon dropped the sub $1,000 pro-sumer D300 bombshell and I bit, hook, line and sinker. Now I suppose I'm back in the body/lens cycle and will be committed to the Canon for a few years. Now thanks to Ebay, at least I can get a bit of a return on investment when I upgrade as opposed to selling the stuff at a garage sale Big Grin

** Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results **

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