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How To Be A Better Photographer Learning From Flickr.
The best place for beginner photographers to learn almost everything about photography, and how to be a successful photographer is the Flickr, the online community of photographers around the world. In this post we will discuss few important points as to how flickr would make you a better photographer.

1. Flickr contains millions of photos, almost about anything in the world. You can learn by observing other people’s photographs, in any topic you like. Most professional photographers too upload some of their work to the website therefore it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to see for yourself how a particular shot has been taken and learn. For your assistance Flickr has Tags implemented.

2. Flickr has thousands of photography learning groups. You can be a member of any number of groups you like and upload your own photos; you can participate in photographic lessons, discussions and get constructive criticism for your photographs from other members. Also some groups organize photo contests may be once a week so that you can participate in them and gain experience (No Prizes, however that’s not important because you are trying to learn)

3. Learn techniques from the professionals. Look for exif data in photographs when ever possible and note down the important points, for example the aperture, shutter speed and focal length etc. Its not for mimicking same type of shot using these parameters but to discuss with yourself about why these values were chosen, and what could’ve happened if they were adjusted to get the same exposure. For example you can think of changing the aperture to change the depth of field.

4. Study compositional techniques, use of color, sharpness, mode and the theme of photos, and provide constructive comments. You will get same for your own images, so that you can improve your photography.

5. Learn to give constructive criticism to other photos.You will be amazed to find how many things you already know, and you'll use them to improve your own photos.Smile
When I was started I would use Flickr for inspiration. I joined some groups, got inspired, and started trying new things like HDR and textures. While Flickr did NOT teach me anything, I did connect with likeminded people and LEARN NEW TECHNIQUES and styles I wanted to try. I'd then go over to YouTube and pulled up a video on the technique I wanted to learn how to do. Flickr is also great, because I was able to find a photo group that meets once a month in my area thanks to searching through flickr groups. If you want even more inspiration, I suggest giving 500pix a visit too. Oh and if you go to Flickr, check me out . Friend me!

I was told the link is not working, works on my PC. You can try this one: or you can just search by member for BrananM.
(Oct 6, 2012, 13:15)BrandyMaeD Wrote: Oh and if you go to Flickr, check me out Friend me!

Hello BrandyMaeD,

I could not get your link to work. Please edit the link for us.

Thank you!

Barbara - Life is what you make of it!

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