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How to ask and answer questions.
Since some new members have never been on a web forum before, I'd like to put forth a few ideas that will help both with asking and answering questions.

When asking a question:

Choose a descriptive title.
Saying 'HELP' doesn't tell anyone what you need help with.
Using 'I have a Nikon Dxxx and it's doing this' will make it easier to see whether to even open the thread.

Describe, IN DETAIL, what's going on and what you've already tried.
'My pictures are blurry' has no meaning.
"While shooting my son's soccer game, all my pictures aren't sharp" gives us someplace to start.
Make sure you mention EVERYTHING that is related. Camera, camera settings, lens, lighting, situation.............

Add a photo (where appropriate) that shows the problem. It's really not hard.
Upload as big a version of the image as this site will take (1 MB).
Small/heavily compressed images may not show what we need to see to offer informed assistance.

When posting an answer:

Someone may have already said what you had in mind.

If you don't have direct experience with a particular camera/lens, don't make comments that may or may not apply to the original poster's (OP's) camera/lens. If you want to help, download the manual for that camera, read the appropriate sections and THEN make a comment.

Keep acronyms and 'jargon' to minimum. A lot of people here are just getting started and all that alphabet soup is hard to take in and get's confusing.

Be succinct. Long enough to fully explain, but not a novel.

Use correct spelling/grammar. Most browsers have built in spell check.

Write in complete sentences. This isn't a text message or Twitter.

Read what you've written SEVERAL times before hitting the 'Post' button.

Be gracious, not rude. There are very different levels of understanding, and English may not be someone's first language. Remember that anything you post is now out there FOREVER. Bad Karma comes back threefold.

If we can try to do these things, we can make/keep this forum a great resource and community.
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Can’t disagree with any of that.
Thanks Wall-E!
Barbara - Life is what you make of it!

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