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How to balance quality versus light conditions for indoor photos?

I have been noticing lately that I am having a hard time taking quality photographs inside a room. I recently had to take photos during a baby shower event. The setup was inside a moderately lit hall with ceiling lights.

Now, usually I shoot with my 50mm Fixed prime.
I set it up at : f/1.8, ISO 100
I love to shoot on these settings outside in bright light to get the bokeh/blurred background and the least grainy pictures.

But that's not the same when taking photos inside a room. I have to crank it up to at-least ISO 800. And then I lose the quality of the photos since they come out grainy.

How do I tackle this?


I'm not much of a photo pro, but maybe a Flash would be the solution to your problem?
modern cameras don't have that much grain at ISO 800. some more recent ones even go to 3200 without much quality loss if the light color balance is good (ex. not tungsten).
The way I see through your setting is really dark inside the area. What is your shutter speed? If you did go below 1/80 for shutter speed I would I agree to kNox, Use flash and bounce it to walls to diffuse and give more light.
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I usually hate to use flashes when shooting inside unless I am actually doing a major photoshoot with just one subject. But yes I did experiment with the flash and some results were great while some did not come out good.

I was more of looking for the f/stop, shutter speed and ISO related settings if there is a generic guideline Smile


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