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How to promote one's photography talent to get a few assignments as a beginner?

I have always loved photography. Have been passionately working on my own shooting stuff as and when I want to without thinking about it on a professional level.

Now I think its time for me to move it up a notch. I want to have my own website, online store where people can come in buy prints, download my photos for a nominal cost. But most importantly I would like to go out locally and do some assignments - baby showers, marriages, baby shoots, etc ..

Other than posting on Facebook and other social media sites, I am wondering how can I promote my intention of wanting to take up a few photography assignments. And most importantly I need guidelines on how to charge and setup my costing for my services.


I personally do not work professionally as a photographer, but my first thought is word of mouth. It is amazing how once word of mouth gets around about your work locally - it can be amazing. Just a thought.

I look forward to reading more from others who actually shoot for a profession! Thanks!
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Basically I started out shooting for a friends friend. It started to network and after I get the chance some folios that I think is good enough for the industry I am into I started creating a fan page. Started posting some images and blogging simple stuff related to my photography. You must know what kind of photography first you're into before getting involve and started investing some stuff and gears. But whatever you have it right now is you can go too far from it. But ofcourse you need some help with some gears that can make your life easier with it. But thats fine you can get it once you get too earn more from your work.
Remember to create a database and some office THINGS a company have just to get photography business in a system. You could try this StudioCloud for photographers. I started to use this way back then when my wedding photography started to branch out thats is the time I started upgrading my database. But actually it is good when your only the one who is running the business. It's FREE.
Once you are setup internally you have your name , logo, rates, invoice format, permits and etc that is the time you let your target market knows that you do exist. You must send something through email or atleast hang something out your studio 0that this is your studio or probably ask your friends to help you carry your studio name out there by putting stickers in their car, interact with your fan page site put something like small cards in their stores cashier. I mean its a matter of putting your business name in the market and letting them know you do exist.
When somebody see your biz card, biz name in a sticker or somewhere make sure you can redirect them to your fan page with it and when they do make sure you have awesome things that you can show them. Not everybody is your client coz they don't like your style of shooting BUT that doesn't mean they will not hire you. Not yet or maybe not now. But remember if you can make a brand recall of your style then they maybe can get a referral by word of mouth by someone who don't like your style of shooting and received by someone who doe love that kind of way. So make a brand recall and make sure you hit that hard so your name will be out there.
Also evolve from your style of shooting and don't mimic someone from their way of shooting. Learn from them and create something that you ca call it as your own. Good luck and have a long patience. Do it for passion not for money and everything will go with it.
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Thanks a lot for the great piece of information. Just the exact inputs I was looking for. I guess first things first, I need to decide on a simple rate of how I should charge my clients, go out and do some photo shoots to begin with, spread the word and see how it goes!
Apart from PhotoPlay's awesome advice, I want to add sites like, which are great for amateur photographers (like me), but a gold mine for aspiring pro photographers. It's easy to get good work noticed and appreciated there, one of my photos reached a ton of people after being featured on their site (and that without me doing anything except post it)

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