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@#$@# I almost deleted ST!

I was just cleaning some stuff up from the root directory of the webserver (one level above www) and I must have highlighted www by mistake and pressed delete...

It went away happily deleting files and I didn't realise until about 3 mins later. Good thing it did it in alphabetical order. It was chewing through my counter script's image files and I aborted it before it went on to do more harm...

Phew! Big Grin

Time to get some rest methinks...


Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
My flickr images

wowowowowowowowow!!! CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everybody got to elevate from the norm!

Can you say 'Backup' boys and girls? Good!

:o Tongue :o

Camera: Panasonic Lumix FZ10
Image Management/Editing:ArcSoft PhotoBase4
Advanced Image Editing: Adobe PhotoShop 7

I've got 2 local copies, don't worry... Big Grin

One copy which I develop from
One copy which runs on my local webserver for tesitng


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