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I'm moving to Germany - digit online!
I know this might come as a bit of a shock to everyone, and I've been trying to keep it low key, but I've been offered an editorial position with a German photographic magazine! I realise that it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, to pursue a photographic passion and career, so I've decided to relocate there to take up the post over there!

I'll be based in Hanoversh-Munden, which is sorta halfway between Hannover and Frankfurt, and my thoughts are to do a six month stint to see if things work out, and then take it from there. If things work out, I will be leaving in around 4 week's time.

I know it will definitely be a huge culture shock, and there will be lots of learnings to be done, especially in the language and culture department. I'm sure Germans are friendly people though, so I'm looking forward to the experience.

With regard to Shuttertalk though, I'm not sure what will happen, and whether I will be able to juggle all these things and a online community as well... any suggestions? Big Grin

[Image: digit_online_logo_klein.gif]

p.s. the magazine I'll be working for is digit online:

shuttertalk Wrote:With regard to Shuttertalk though, I'm not sure what will happen, and whether I will be able to juggle all these things and a online community as well... any suggestions? Big Grin
Take it to Germany and call it "Verschlussgespräch"!
Big Grin

P.s. Great opportunity, btw... Wink
A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.
Paul Cezanne
Cannot suggest anything except go where your opportunities lie. You are only on earth for a short spell so you have to make the most of it.
Whatever! if anyone is floating off to another board, let us know and we can maybe all emigrate with you. Big Grin
I do like this one though.Smile

p.s do we all get a free copy once a month. Tongue
Lumix LX5.
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here we go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like it how you are consistent with these Tongue

oh yeh, and I'm switching to Nikon!
I'm giving up the internet and all electrical devices in my life, down with moving electrons.
WOW!! That is big news, Jules. Congratulations, and keep us posted.

Congratulations Jules. Nice one!! Cool



You're a truly incredible guy. Fantastic! Big Grin





No doubt you'll be counting the hours now, eh. Big Grin

Congrats Jules, As you said it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I hope it all goes well for you.
Your commitment in maintaining and improving this unique group has been incredible and I hope it can continue in some form.

By the way I've got a few photos that would look stunning printed in a glossy german mag...Big Grin
Canon 50D.
Great move, congratulations!!

So what's the plan, are you scratching the travel? Or travelling first, moving afterwards? Is there any chance you will be staying in Germany long term? What about your wife, is she going with you?

Questions over questions, sorry, here are some facts:

Han-Münden is relatively small, isn't it, if you like living in cities you will be orienting yourself towards the two you mentioned, Hannover and Frankfurt. Actually, Göttingen is not too far, which is an interesting old Town, around 60thousand people now, and a famous University. You can mingle with the students for coffee and hokah's if that suits you, and there is a very good theatre (Deutsches Theater) with their alternative branch the "Junges Theater" (young theatre).

Will you be driving in Germany?

Things, including rent, public transport, health care etc are trememdously expensive in Germany. When you sign your contract, make sure they give you good health care coverage so you are not broke in case you get a cold. They will help you with the paperwork for Germany health insurance, which is mandatory.

Are they providing accomodation for you? At least for the start?
In Han-Münden the property market should not be too tight, and you should find something nice for yourself if you have too. Not to be bragging, but for all I have seen (UK, US....) German building standards must be among the highest in the world, any place you rent should be neat and clean and warm and safe!

I think in the IT field you will be among young, open minded people, they will all speak English - or try to, and they will be nice.
Be aware though that people of our parents generation might seem a little reckless with foreigners, their English will be quite poor and not ALL of them are always friendly. That's not too say all Germans are impolite or careless, but I do think they tend to live in their own little world and generally don't care much about things or people outside their routine.
My advise is definitely to make your own routine, to find your favorite baker's shop and supermarket, and as soon as people start recognising you as a regular, they will be more firendly. You should also learn some German to find your way around, signs and instructions don't tend to be in English at all, especially in a small place like Han-Münden.

There is quite some racism in Germany, which is usually directed towards oriental-looking people like turks (this has a history from loooooooong before 9/11....) and you should not get to feel much of it for yourself, but you will see how things work with "Ausländer" (foreigners).

Actually, I hope you can take your wife with you, or at least that you meet other foreigners in your company, it's easy to become lonely in Germany, as it takes such a long time for Germans to warm up with newcomers.
Make sure you ALWAYs ask someone for help if you feel you need it, don't let them scare you off with a potentially gruffy first reaction!

Finally, I think you will enjoy the food in Germany. There is a big influence from Italy of course, italian restaurants are immensly popular and often quite good. Other than that there is Turkish and Greek as two of the most popular cuisines.
The traditional German food is heavy and saucy, while the more modern places tend to serve light-style life-style food like salads, baguettes and soups. The bread is special in Germany, as while you can get toast and baguette just like anywhere else, the "Graubrot" and "Mehrkornbrot" and "Vollkornbrot" are absolutely unique to Germany. You will either love them or hate them, a lot of people who grew up on white bread are not too fond of our heavy, grainy loafs...
You will love HOW clean Germany is, I think along with Canada we live in one of the cleanest countries, and we keep it clean, too (haven't seen any part of australia for comparison).

Make some time for trips to our neighbour contries, sample some of the fantastic variety of cultur and food (I sound like a travel advertisement....), go to Amsterdam, Brussels, the Alsace, Italy..... great wines, landscape, it's all there, and Europe is so neat and small that you just have to travel. A weekend trip can cover significant ground.

So, that's my quick notes on Germany. Anything I forgot? I will add it later. Feel free to ask!!
Actually I just woke up early myself and will move to Hefei today - a little adventure that, too.
In July I am planning to go to Germany, if you're still there, we'll go out on a shooting together!

Lots of luck with the Germans, I hope you enjoy your time and don't get frustrated with the people, call Irma for some warm-heartedness if you start feeling frosty in Germany!

WOW!!! Congratulations, and I wish you luck. That's a tremendous change and a tremendous opportunity. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
What's the time difference between the US and Aus again Jules? Big Grin

EnglishBob Wrote:What's the time difference between the US and Aus again Jules? Big Grin
Long enough for Jules to arrive well before we do. Big Grin Big Grin

Your new 'related items' links made me see an interesting post about digit online around about april fools day 2005.... Do I have to take back those nice things I said about you?
Canon 50D.
lol....happy 1st of april!
Hi everyone, thanks a million for your well wishes - I'm truly touched! As much as I would have loved the opportunity, I must apologise for it is April Fool's day here in Australia! Big Grin I feel quite bad for telling fibs but I promise - it only happens once a year! Big Grin

To Uli especially - thank you for those wonderful tips, as I'm sure they will be most useful when I visit on my Europe trip, which is less than a month away.

Good to see that some of the older members picked up on the clues I left - "digit online" was from two years ago. Like Shane pointed out - the threads show up in the "similar topics" list below.. Big Grin

p.s. Funny story, but my wife's family must have read it and when we got home this evening we got seven missed calls and 3 messages left on our phone... Big Grin
Hehe, this article on wikipedia is quite funny:

I love the hoaxes by BMW - pure genius.... Big Grin

I thought of the time difference last night but my wife was on the PC. Still if you ever get the opportunity take it with both hands.
I had in mind to send Pm's to everyone except Julian, and say we had all been offered the job as well Big Grin but it was too late then.
Lumix LX5.
Canon 350 D.+ 18-55 Kit lens + Tamron 70-300 macro. + Canon 50mm f1.8 + Manfrotto tripod, in bag.
Big Grin

completely forgot about april 1st....
Hmmm. I also bought the joke, hook line and sinker - which is a negative - but on the positive side, at least there is no danger to Shuttertalk folding - and that is VERY good news.

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