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Image Organising Software
Hey I've been playing with Picasa (free from, now that they've been bought out by Goooogle), and think it's pretty slick. It shows all your photos onscreen at the same time, which I like.

There's a cool timeline feature too, and when you edit photos, it doesn't edit the originals or create extra copies (not quite sure how they do that)...

I've also tried out Adobe Photoshop Album 1.0 and found that to be quite good as well - also has the timeline function, but what I liked most was the fact that you could assign keyword "tags" to photos... later you can click on the tags on the toolbar and all photos matching that tag will show up. Very nice for sorting your photos...

Another one I've used is Fototime FotoAlbum (free), which has a nice timeline feature, and also sorts images into logical albums. It's harder to categorise and assign photos to multiple albums though.

Anyone try these out, or any other image organising software? Your thoughts?

Wow, how quickly things change.

I revisted all the (free) software options yesterday, and found out that Fototime FotoAlbum is no longer free (well free if you're a paid subcriber). Pixort (which I reviewed on this site) is now no longer freeware. Sad

Good news is that with Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 Starter Edition - they've removed the photo limitation (with the one I tried last time, you were only limited to 250 photos). I downloaded a copy and played around with it...

Anyone tried this? Seems pretty good for organising and cataloguing your photos. How about JASC Paint Shop Photo Album? Anyone tried that yet?
Have you tried ACDSee? It is very good.
I must say that I haven't actually... what do you like about it? I might consider... Big Grin
I'm still using BreezeBrowser, mostly because I love the functionality of their image download utility DownloaderPro. Funny thing is that the two work independently, so I can use any organizer after I use Downloader, but if it ain't broke ...
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
I use Picasa and some times XnView Worth checking out =)
Btw like the enw smillies Cool
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Tehnically, I now use the PhotoShop CS browser and organization tools. At least they are integrated with the app.
Found an article which briefly talks about some options...

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