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ImageReporter on TOP
The Online Photographer has an article about a new software tool, ImageReporter. It's a "meta-metadata" program that analyzes the metatdata stored in Lightroom (and possibly Aperture) catalogs. Link to the article is here:

the download link is here:

I ran a couple of reports with it, and have been amazed at the results it pulls up. For example, I frequently shoot at iso2000, the highest my camera will automatically go, but hardly ever like the photos it produces. That can largely be explained by unsuccessful outings to the zoo and a hockey game, but it also tells me that I really need to work on my low-light technique. It turns out over one-third of my photos were taken at iso2000 or above, and only 10% at iso100. When I woke up this morning, I would have said that I rarely use high-iso settings.

I also discovered that the lens that I really want, the Olympus 150 f/2, is a focal length that I hardly ever use. Comparing reports on 1+ rated and 2+ rated, it tells me that I use my 35-100 f/2 the most, and have the highest success rate with it. On the other hand, my 11-22 produces a lower "keeper" rate than my 7-14, and I had expected the reverse. Naturally, a lot of the results can be explained by where and how I use the different lenses, but that's also something that I hadn't really thought about before. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •

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