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Inspiring Photographers for Aspiring Photographers
Pretty clever subject line, eh?

The first inspiring photographer I noticed years ago was Ansel Adams (I still get calendars containing his work every Christmas!). Later, I discovered Brassai; in particular, "The Steps of Mont Martre" (I think that's the title).

Who inspired you to take up this hobby?
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I never really studied any particular photographer until after I was into the hobby, but I'd have to say my favorite working photogs are Monte Zucker ( and neil turner ( Why? Because they are very good at what they do and they go out of their way to help others learn to be better.
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
Yeah, pretty catchy! I think for me, no particular photographer - probably enless hours of reading National Geographic in my childhood Smile
Hey Mitch have you noticed some of the fights over at Zuga in the last few months? Boy they sure know how to go to town on each other.

My influences probably come more from work from the 1950's onwards than anything before hand. As mentioned just a moment ago before I saw this thread people like Sante D'Orazio and Helmut Newton.
J - every once in a while the big egos at zuga start to really go at it. It happened a year or so ago too, then it faded away and some people left, now it's back. But have you seen the new free "Zuga TV" shows? Very informative once you get passed all the Nikon ads.
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
Anybody want a job scanning Gary Winogrand's film? I didn't think so...

"It's not what you look at, it's what you see..."
If someone was to capture the feel of a place and its people it was Garry, I love his intimate candids. I wouldn't mind scanning his Women Are Beautiful collection though.
StudioJ and Rufus for me, I don't know about many other photographers
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Mitch, I checked out the Monte Zucker site. Excellent. Thanks for the link.

Nos an modica tantum nostri somnium
"We are limited only by our imagination"
I am, Amster Adams! [Image: amster.jpg]
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lol... Ninja Hamster? Smile
shuttertalk Wrote:lol... Ninja Hamster? Smile
What ever it is I am running Tongue
3 x GoPro Cameras
1 x Canon S100
1 x Nikon D5100
1 x Sony DSC-TX10
Apple MacBook Pro 15" (Retina Display)

"What do you want to pack today?"

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