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Is Square Sexy?
Can he bring me home one too Peter?

hahah.. i cant keep it unfortunately
Bring me one also!
Can he bring one home for me too Peter? I have a big wedding next April that I'm going to do my first using MF (Medium Format for Cailean! Much bigger sized film than 35mm allows hence it allows much bigger prints) so I'm going to hire it for a whole week and play a few days before so I can see how it all works.

I'm going for the Mamiya since that is what I'm looking at when I rob a bank to fund my move to MF heh
I have a bargain basement MF camera, but not that interested in it. What I would like is a used panoramic camera - there is a huge demand for true MF pano shots in the stock industry. Anybody got one that you are so tired of that you want to let it go cheap??
Somthing like the Hasselblad XPan or the Fuji? The Fuji has got some raves but its rather heavy. I saw a great gallery of Cuba using the XPan, no idea where it is now though...

Ok so I looked and found it Smile

On looking back a few of them weren't as great as I remembered but a great example of what it can do with other than general landscapes.

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