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Italy and Iceland: What Photo Gear am I Taking?
Zig: This is a great combination of technical knowledge and artistic advice from both you and Matt. Because I purchased the Elmarit-M as an "upgrade", I was reluctant to believe that my brain was giving me accurate information about my preference - seemed to be more heart-driven. What you say regarding coatings makes sense, because there definitely is a difference in the way the 2 lenses render a similar scene - and if it needed to be quantified in some way, I think that you have hit the nail on the head when you say "low-contrast detail" (and bokeh of course).

In the interest of full disclosure, both of those photos were taken stopped right down, and this is where the sharpness differences between the 2 are invisible to any but the most strident pixel-peeper. My own tests indicate to me that the Tele-Elmarit is actually fractionally sharper in the center when stopped right down, but again I am quibbling - any difference seen in sharpness at minimum focusing distance is much more likely due to my manual focusing abilities than to any lens attribute. At F/2.8-F4, the Elmarit-M is detectably sharper.

However, what we have determined is that this choice is not about maximizing absolute sharpness - but about other factors - so thanks to you guys for helping me to make my decision. As the Elmarit-M was more than twice the cost of the Tel-Elmarit, this is a happy turn of events.

Zig Wrote:… as Matthew has discerningly observed(he'd make a grand photographer, that chap!) ….
I can't even begin to say how hard I laughed at that. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
Well, I'm pretty much done.

Last night, I cleaned my sensor, re-coded the black dots on my older lenses, and put little pieces of black tape over the red Leica dot and the letters "M9" - to fool stupider thieves into thinking I am using grandpa's old film body.

Can't wait - I am chomping at the bit now. Last day of work before leaving today - then just pack and go.
Every blessing Toad; safe journey. Am so looking forward to news, shots and thoughts.
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Sorry to drag the subject away from Leica porn for a minute, and back to photography... Wink Big Grin
Here's a flckr gallery I found from Iceland that may give you some inspiration Toad. Although I realize you won't be going at this time of year.

As far as kit goes, I reckon you have things under control there Toad.
Good move ditching the flash, but I'm in two minds about the Gorillapod. I barely used my gorillapod in Asia & Europe where I spent my time mostly in cities, but it's been really handy for my trip across Aus so far where nearly all my photography has been away from the cities. It's always handy to have some way to take long exposures, even if it might not be absolutely necessary.
Three lenses is the perfect number to carry around as others have said, but I'd also agree that having an ultra-wide up your sleeve can be very handy, and four lenses are still perfectly manageable.
But.. If you only need an UWA for very occasional shots then there's no reason you can't build panorama images from multiple shots using software. Sure it's a bit of a hassle, but the results give you as much FOV as you need and amazing resolution.

As far as the choice between tele lenses go, forget the pixel peeping, the model names, or the reputations. There's no right or wrong. Instead, ask yourself two simple questions; "Will I be happy with the results?" and "will it be a hassle to carry with me all the time?"
I didn't bring a DSLR with me on my current trip at all, and am instead doing ALL my shooting with my GF1 (and four lenses, and a gorillapod, and no external flash). I'm not getting the ultimate IQ, but it means my photography doesn't get in the way of my travel. I don't regret this decision at all.
But on the flip side, I took a HEAP of gear around Asia and Europe (two bodies and nine lenses). Lugging it around was a hassle at times, but the photos I got made it all worthwhile. I don't regret doing that either. These are two quite different trips. And yours is different again.
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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." - Einstein.
Oh, and don't forget to have an amazing time Rob! Big Grin
I'm looking forward to seeing the results.
Adrian Broughton
My Website:
My Blog:
You can also visit me on Facebook!
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." - Einstein.

Have a fantastic trip – it'll be a great month. Take lots of pictures and let us know how it goes. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
Thanks guys. Sorry about the camera porn...

You are right about the stitching, Kombi. I have been thinking that is an option for *some* of those times that I might need an ultrawide.

Talk to you guys soon.

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