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Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs
Hi All,

I was just wondering out of all the professional photographers on these forums does anyone hold a standard job aswell to pay the bills... is this full time/part time is it common to have to work 2 jobs?

I want to go into business myself but im afraid i won't be able to support myself just doing photography.

Cheers for your help

Im having a fulltime job aswell. Big Grin (well not any more i probebly working like 75-80%)

No seriously im just starting out my business, and have no unrealistic expectatiions. Im gradually going down in time from my "ordinary" job and will keep doing that until both my feet are safe on the "other" side.

Since im a Dad of three, i cant really take chances since it will not only affect me. However with some determination and hard work im confident ill get there someday.

Surely its never easy to hold a "ordinary" job and take on jobs on your "spare/free" time, but noone said it was gonna be easy so i never thought it would either. Big Grin

Im sure people with more experience then i have will chime in with some advice.

Welcome to ST btw.

/Paul L.
Strives to make photos instead of taking them...
When I was a *professional* photographer, I did not havre a full time job, but it was extremely fortunate that I could pay the bills without one, because in the early days, my profits would not have paid my bills....

Most businesses fail not because of bad ideas or bad talent, but because of cash flow.
I have been shooting weddngs for about three years now. I still work full time and it is starting to get insane.

I am seriously considering trying to get a day a week free from my regular job. The first two years my family would not have survived on the Wedding stuff alone - especially as it is so seasonal.

This year, things are different and I could probably give up my full time job if I really wanted to. However, I think that I will work at least one more year before I jump over to full time photography only. At this stage I am really working two full time jobs during the wedding season - which is quite hard. But I would like to retire a bit of debt first, which would free up the monthly income a fair bit.

Weddings are good because you can still work a regular job - just be ready for late nights Smile What type of paid photography were you looking at?

Welcome to Shuttertalk.
Canon stuff.
Hey Adam, and welcome! I don't do professional shooting, but I would suggest to start something "on the side" as well, and see how feasible the income is...

Like WS said - weddings are usually on weekends so potentially you could keep your current job as well, at the expense of your weekends...

All the best!!

Chris - have you considered working part time (maybe 3 or 4 days a week)? I wonder how that would work out...
Chris - I am in perth aswell, what is your companies name.

I essentially want to do portraits with an occasional wedding.

I'm lucky in the fact that it is just me and my partner (No kids to support). But thanks your advice is great
There was a guy in highschool named Adam Williamson. Big Grin
Remember me? Smile

Please don't tease me. Highschool is long past...

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