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Jocko's Photo Diary.
Plug in a mouse???? Ed.
To each his own!
The mouse is plugged in so she likes to chew on the cable every opportunity she gets. And that will only get worse as she starts teething!
Ask yourself, "What's most important for the final image?".
Tikki has mastered lesson five - using layers in Photoshop.
Take my advice.  I'm not using it.Wink

Tikki is obviously a very talented pet - unlike a mere cat.

Ouch.....now I'm speechless......
Take my advice.  I'm not using it.Wink

(Sep 26, 2016, 08:40)Jocko Wrote: One of the hazards involved in colour correcting images in Photoshop.

Nikon D80, 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR lens, Manual mode, on board flash, 1/60 sec, f5.6, ISO 200, 105mm lens equivalent, processed in Lightroom 6.6.1 and Nik software.

Hi John,

Is that a 'Blackstar' amp off to the left of the photo?


Yes Phil. That is a Blackstar Fly 3. The slave cabinet is at the right of the monitor. As well as being a brilliant guitar amp, especially for the lounge or a bedroom, it is my sound system for my Xbox and laptop.
Ask yourself, "What's most important for the final image?".
I have not been online much, recently, due to problems with my broadband data allowance. Hopefully that has been sorted out, as of today.
Got my credit card statement in today, and was surprised and overjoyed to see that Google Nik Collection had refunded £95 back to my account for the software bundle I had purchased, several months prior to them releasing it, free. Well done Google.
Ask yourself, "What's most important for the final image?".
Good to see that you are back John T. Missed your posts.
" Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst "
Henri Cartier - Bresson.
Early Xmas present John, and, acceptable. Ed.
To each his own!
Done nothing in the way of photography for several months now. My part time job has turned out to be more than part time (but not quite full time), and after driving 100 miles every day, most of it in busy traffic, I don't feel like doing much at all. Driving a manual/stick shift after years of driving an automatic is quite a work out when you are not used to it. Thankfully I am now back in the swing.
The sun doesn't rise until 8:40 just now, so dropping my wife off to work and going a walk, armed with my camera, is not an option. Sun set is 15:40, and so far today it has been so dull and grey I still have a light on in the lounge. I do see some beautiful morning, when out with the van, but unfortunately photography is not an option then.
Ask yourself, "What's most important for the final image?".
I feel your pain, John. Before I had to stop working, I hated those dank dark winter mornings when I had to drive across London to work and get to my desk while it was still dark, then leave in the dark for home. I never saw my own home in daylight for months. Didn't use a camera then either.
Take my advice.  I'm not using it.Wink

I see some lovely sunrises and sunsets, some amazing misty landscapes as I cross river-bridges, some wonderful skies... all whilst driving to and from work these days. It seems like for all of us, work is sucking the life out of us and our photography. Where are all these computers that are going to take over the drudgery and leave us free to play?
Hi Del,

I think you'll find it was all a figment of the imagination of one Harold Wilson. Although in saying that, my son and daughter-in-law can 'at their discretion' elect to 'work from home' if they need or want to, but, not every day, unless the weather dictates it.

Best regards.

I used to work from home once apon a time. Takes a lot of self discipline. I was more productive then because I didn't waste four hours a day commuting and could start early and stop early.
Take my advice.  I'm not using it.Wink

I've been working from home since June, feel like I never leave the house some weeks. Need to get out and shoot on the week-ends!

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