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Just causing strife.........
Aww no fair, you're normally the first to bite Rufus. I know why you aren't.. its that Christmas spirit. Good onya Smile
Hey, I'm cool. Jesus helps me.
Cave canem
I think religion or no religion, beliefs or no beliefs, it's the underlying human behaviour which leads us to do stuff. There is no doubt that history has proven that "Christians", whether led through some overzealous idealism or their own ulterior motives have done some pretty bad things.

But so have suicide bombers (aren't they followers of Islam?), Japanese in WWII (weren't they buddhist?), democrats and captialists (afghanistan? iraq?) and the list goes on. My point is that most of these are cases of extremism, and the fundamental core beliefs of christianity doesn't teach people to commit attrocities - it's the people themselves who either take it out of context or twist it to their own logic; which can happen with any form of belief - not just christianity.

In the bible, Jesus tells his disciples how they can identify true believers (paraphrasing here) - that you can tell a tree by its fruit. There are always going to be bad examples of Christians, as that is just human nature. But there are countless others showing fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control...

I think it would be very sad indeed to judge everyone else by the acts of the few.
See y'all on another thread guys.
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Hi James,

Glad to see that you have expressed your views here - so many people are just willing to let life go on by and not question anything.

I don't have to defend God - he is big enough for that. But I do know my experiance of him is real. I know that others who have experianced him also know the reality of his presence. It really is something very special.

The touch of Jesus in your life makes you wonder what else there really could be to life.

You are welcome to come along next Sunday morning to the church I Pastor at. There you can meet people who aren't bible scholars - there just real people who know the presence of a loving God in their life.

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Canon stuff.

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Just causing strife.........00