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Kings Park Lights
Hi guys,

Jays convinced me to upload this pic...not the most wonderful of the lot (but I liked the ones of the pugs better) but I thought that I should put in my contribution. Straight as it came out of the camera,


[Image: 49_Perth%20City%2002.jpg]
I like long exposure shots... what camera did you use again?

I think it might be just a touch soft, but I like the lights. Big Grin
I used my EOS is definately too soft, but I was experimenting with my camera (haven't had many chances to do long exposures), and unfortunately I couldn't see this problem until after processing the film.

This is one of the reasons why I've decided to go that I can know what I've got when I take it...

I like this pic better...although not the official subject of the night, and yes I know that the background is too bright...I really love the dogs. Smile

[Image: Frank%20&%20Zoe%2001.jpg]
I actually like the softness in the top image. It's rare to see such a pic anything other than quite hard.
Cave canem
Why thank you Rufus...such kind words from a dog with a snout...I only usually get those from the two above Tongue Big Grin
Kind? Me?

Blimey, I must be sickening for something! :o
Cave canem
Sorry to disillusion you...but that was actually a <feeling nervous now> very nice thing to say

Big Grin
Now you've hurt my feelings, (sniff).
Cave canem
If I give you a bunch of flowers would that help???

Or should I make that a smoked pigs ear????

(Bugger I can't find a picture of either!!)
Rice pudding! Give me Rice pudding!!!!!!! Big Grin
Cave canem
What is this rice pudding thing??? I've seen it a bit, but I just don't understand?????

I think you are looking for a clever, or "in" type joke. That's why you dont understand.
It's all very simple, stupidly, in fact. A bit of kennel humour.

Rice pudding is one of my favourite:


Cave canem
Rice pudding.... hm... still got to buy some to see what all the fuss is about.

Nice piccies of the pugs mez! They're so adorable!
No Rufus...actually I wasn't...

When you make someone feel give them something to make them feel for example...or in the case of my dogs, they love a smoked pigs ear... sorry to go D&M on you...but I think you read me wrong...not looking for an 'in' anything...just trying to be funny...sorry you took it the wrong way.

Nonono Mez.

No apology required at all!!!

Tell you what; how'd you like to be the recipient of a Rufus secret? Say yes, and I'll pm you. Big Grin
Cave canem
yes...what is pm??? I'm sure I'll find out Smile
mez Wrote:yes...what is pm??? I'm sure I'll find out Smile

Private message.

A message delivered through, and in, this site which only you can see.

I'll send it b4 the day ends, (UK time).
Cave canem
Share secrets!
Errrmmmm :/

NO! Big Grin
Cave canem
Alright...A bit late, and not taken on the night, but the lights are on in Kings Park.

So here is my official contribution (taking tonight with my new Canon EOS 20D)



[Image: IMG_0112.jpg]
Hi Metz
Nice photo with your new 20D. Can't wait for mine to arrive.
Hey mez, very unique looking photo due to the pink glow!

I think the trees are leaning a bit to the left - perhaps a bit of rotation will fix the problem.
I was at Kings Park 2 weeks ago with some friends, and the lights were on. It was so nice. Didn't have my camera with me though.
Wanted to go down there again some time to take photographs, and found this:

That's when the trees will be lit
Hey maybe you Perthies could arrange another outing! Big Grin
I went tonight, caught the lights for St. Patricks Day, however, they went off at midnight SadSad

[Image: 113796980_36eb268823.jpg]

[Image: 113796960_4e94ee2e2c.jpg]

Not sure whether to make a new thread for these, but I think I'll put them here, as it's relevant! haha Smile

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