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Location doesn't matter?
When I was looking for a photographer for my wedding, I came across this photographer who boasted that he could take great photos, regardless of the location. (His images were very good, mind you). Even if it was raining and totally overcast - he said that it did not matter...

What do you think about that statement? Do you think you could get good photos anywhere? Or does the location defintely play a part?

I've only done a few and they were rather hard to do, location for me is very important. Thankfully though most people do pick a location that is suitable for photography, most venues that list as wedding venues cater for the whole event and so they tend to have good locations.

I have five coming up from now until January and they are two at vineyards by a river which cater for weddings, one at a yacht club (where Adam was shooting from!) one in Subiaco (yuppy central with some very nice parks) and another garden wedding. So they are all going to be fairly easy to use as far as location goes.
If he's bringing his own lighting gear and knows how to use it, then it seems very probable what he says is true. I could not make such a statement, nor could many "pros."

Hey - wait just a minute!

Quote:I was looking for a photographer for my wedding

Big Grin Congrats. When's the big day?
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
I always have totally naff locations for weddings. Back streets, broken windows, litter, muck, battered old cars etc. Doing a wedding in a nice location would be very nice, and much easier.
Location does matter very much, but with a bit of ingenuity a dump doesnt need to appear so bad.
Cave canem
Hmmm. It might be true that a good photographer can manage to take decent photos anywhere without a selected location - but why would you do that to your clients? Most people only get married once - making a little effort is the professional thing to do.

That doesn't mean that you never need to improvise if for some reason your selected location is unavailable or a sudden cloudburst renders it unsuitable etc. Most pros have an inside and an outside location in mind when they prepare to do weedding photos.
Mr Toad, your a great bloke, but you've never been to my town, nor met the underclass here!!
In my last wedding, the B&G were essentailly only interested in drinking. This is normal here.
In the previous one, (as I recall), the bride refused to go anywhere but the "club" where the reception was, as she woz wearin' them "Iy eels"

I've suggested pre, and post shoots, but no-one is interested. I live in a battle zone remember. :o
Cave canem

Doesn't sound like much fun having such uncooperative clients. I can see where you need to be pretty creative. I recall your complaining in one thread about the lack of cooperation and how the bride's mother missed the photos by going home.

When I made my comment about it being unprofessional to not choose a location, I assumed that we were talking about clients that bought into the deal - and wanted the best possible results - even if it meant a little more effort. If your clients will not take the time to go to one of your selected locations - the situation is entirely different.

It is highly professional to be able to make the best of a bad situation - my comments were only in regard to allowing ego ("I can take great photos anywhere - no need to prepare") to get in the way when better options exist - and the participants are willing.

But, perhaps I missed the mark completely in the original post. That is the problem with the written word as opposed to spoken - too easy to read tones and inflections into words that are not actually there.

As for the ability to take good photos anywhere - why not? I hate doing portraits on sunny days - too many shadows, and blown highlights.
Yes Mr T. Re-reading my own post, I sound a bit angry. That isnt the case. Well, maybe it is, but not with you. I must admit that some of my punters are a tad frustrating. Funny really, because since they come through the church you'd expect them to be half decent. Trouble is, that very often these people only attend church for a few weeks to be able to marry there, and then they're never seen again. It even more funny when you consider that our church looks more like a militarised supermarket than a church. It's a low wood and brick modern building, with 7ft anti scale, anti vandal fencing, steel roller shutters, reinforced glass doors with high security locks, alarm system, more doors and locks, and then you're in!
Once inside, all musical, sound and IT equipment is locked into steel shuttered security cells.

Now, who gets married here?????

My flippin' punters, that's who!! :o :o
Cave canem
slejhamer Wrote:Big Grin Congrats. When's the big day?

Been and gone... november last year. it was quite awesome actually Smile

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