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Logo and Text as Signature in Photoshop

I was trying a way to save a custom signature in Photoshop which will include a logo and a text box.

I have a separate logo file and a text box can be created in Photoshop. Now I want to save this two together as one image or a file.

The reason to do this is that for any future photographs, I simply load this file/image which includes logo+text and simply put it on my image as my signature.

this text will be accompanied by a small logo.

How do I save this in Photoshop so for all the future photos I simply load this and paste it on top of the image?

The way I see it Samy its like you can save the image as PSD or PNG or any other files except jpeg (unless you wanted to have a background). Anyway when incorporating it to you image make sure you have your whole signature and logo to smart object (right click on it and convert to smart object). In this way resizing them won't affect your watermark.

Also there is another option in Lightroom in export but haven't tried it yet.
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Yes, PNG is the best option to save quality and transparent image that can later be combined with other images.

If you will be editing your photos in Photoshop, creating a custom brush with logo and text is also a good way as it will let you to place the watermark anywhere with only one click.
Thanks for all the inputs. Yes so I find a nice tutorial to create a brush for my intended logo and text. That is the best way to simply stamp each photo wherever you want with this brush. But it does not preserve the colors of my logo. So basically the brush creates a stamp which you can use but is only monochromatic.

I found another way of doing this. Something similar to what is mentioned above. I created a new image. Put a logo on layer 1. Put some text on layer 2. And save the image as PNG. Then whenever I want to use this logo, I simply open the photo I am working on, and then open this PNG file do a select all, copy and paste on top of my photo.

I am still trying to find better ways of doing this.
How about some software created only for watermarking images? There are plenty of free tools for that all over the internet.

Like this one:
Thanks Korry - I downloaded the program on my computer. Here is a link for those who desire to download for Mac and watch a video on how the program works. Very nice and simple for those who need it!
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