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McLendon Caricature Photography: How?
Hello all!
So I came across McLendon Photography and his Caricature Booth;
Great idea and great results if you ask me!
Does anyone know how to achieve this effect and what lens he would be using?
I think its quite a challenge to keep all bodyparts sharp while blowing them up like that (Liquify cant achieve that)
I found a tutorial on youtube with a sort-of-like the same effect:
However I think McLendon does the photo-shopping live with his models around laughing, so I guess he must have a faster way of getting there. 
Any suggestions anyone? How can he do it live fast on location and how does he keep the sharpness in the images?

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McLendon Caricature Photography: How? - by GerbenG - Apr 18, 2017, 05:45

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