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My answer to avoiding dust on sensor.
I dread getting dust on the sensor, so my solution was to buy a second Nikon D80 body, one for each of my lenses. Only thing I need now is a brace for my back.
Picture was taken using my Fuji FinePix S9500 1/60 sec f5.6 ISO 200

Though need to pay some extra for this Nikon body still a good idea to get rid of dust on sensor.
I only have one lens, so am less prone. Ed.
To each his own!
As the D80 is an old camera it was easy to pick up a quality body for not a lot of cash.
I frequently carry two cameras, so invested in a Black Rapid dual camera strap. Moves the weight from the neck to the shoulders.
Great idea. Just checked the price though. I'll have to save up for one. The twin costs £99 here.
Ouch, think I paid just under $100 here. There are some cheaper versions made by other companies, but the reviews aren't great, and last thing you need is a strap failing under load dumping gear on the ground.

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