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Nelson: Graphite Response to a Photograph

[Image: nelsonSM.jpg]

Critic's Reaction to the Portrait

Too much chin
and not enough forehead
Nelson is not like that.

He talks
but is not
a thick-mouthed sayer

of bad-phaa or yes.
He lets his brows know
how the wind

rushes past this face
as he drops through life
from his heights,crying,

"I can't help it.
I can't help it."

Nikon D3100 with Tokina 28-70mm f3.5, (I like to use a Vivitar .43x aux on the 28-70mm Tokina), Nikkor 10.5 mm fisheye, Quanteray 70-300mm f4.5, ProOptic 500 mm f6.3 mirror lens.

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