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New Nikon Lenses

I can't say I've been this excited about a lens release in quite a long time -- and I don't even use a Nikon. They've just announced three new lenses, one of which is a 24mm Perspective Control. It's apparently similar to Canon's existing 24mm tilt-shift lens, but there's a very important difference: it's possible to use adapters to mount Nikon lenses to other brands of camera. And on my Olympus, a 24mm is a very perspective-friendly "normal" lens.

Time to start rolling pennies again... • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
Thats really cool, and the 45, 85 (upgrade) is really nice aswell.

The whole pc line looks very interesting.

Nice to see them skipping vr on the 60mm/2,8 Micro. Hopefully they improved the optical formula.

Thanx for sharing the link.

/Paul L.
Strives to make photos instead of taking them...
I didn't know much about adapters to match lens and camera of different brands... I just reciently read in a canon forum that I can use some of my nikon lenses with my 5D... Specially those that were for the film camera.

I wish they make an adapter for the Nikon SB400, so I could use it with my canon... That would be a great adapter for me...
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Paul Cezanne
Yes alot of people using Nikkors on their Canons.

The adapter can be found Here You can probebly find it locally since its made by novoflex.
Some more info on it Here

With that said, the new PC-E lenses will not be working on canons, since they removed the aperturering.

/Paul L.
Strives to make photos instead of taking them...
Paul, I'm hoping that the new PC lens can be used on other cameras, although worst-case it just means that I rent a body, too. SadSadSad (I want a toy!)

I ran across this statement: "The lens aperture can be preset by using the aperture ring and aperture stop-down button. It remains stopped down until the button is pressed again, for easy depth-of-field confirmation. With SLR models compatible with electromagnetic diaphragm (D3 and D300), auto aperture control is available."

Now, I don't speak Nikon, but does that mean that it still needs an electrical connection to the body to make the aperture control -- even the fixed stop-down mode -- work? I hope not... Sad • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
Matthew you are right, the aperture ring is NOT removed (you can clearly see it on the images), but they need a electronic connection with the body to register.

So you will probebly have to rent a body. Sad

/Paul L.
Strives to make photos instead of taking them...
Paul, thanks.

Ah, well. My wish list is long enough already.

If they made it work with an adapter, they could probably sell at least a half-dozen to us Olympus, Pentax, and MinSony users. Big Grin Fingers crossed... • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •

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