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New Tripod
I finally bought a new tripod today replacing the cheap (and busted!) tripod that I've put up with for the last six months.
I bought a Velbon Sherpa 600R with PH157Q head - $150 at TEDS.
Sure I love to be able to afford a manfrotto but I cant justify spending twice as much. I compared the Sherpa with a $350 Manfrotto and I couldnt feel or see much difference! The Sherpa feels rock solid even at its maximum height.

[Image: velbon_sherpa_600r.JPG]

I took a series of photos of my daughter's set up 'tea party' to get used to the new tripod.

[Image: IMGP4489-edit-FINAL.jpg]

Combined and edited with CS2.
Canon 50D.
Love the PS work - looks like the tripod is going to get a good work out.
Canon stuff.
Brilliant idea with the picture!
Sony A700/ 16-80mm / 70-300mm / 11-18 mm / 100mm macro

My Flickr page
Congrats on the tripod Smarti. The shots of your daughter are very cute! Big Grin
Adrian Broughton
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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." - Einstein.
Very sweet. That photo's going to be special for a very long time. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
Super composite - try that without a tripod!
Awesome pic! Here's to sextuplets! Big Grin
Careful what you wish for, Jules...

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