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New toy... :)
This time it not a lens or photo gear, it is these old spectacles I got from an antik shop few days ago. They are beautiful, with a bit of rust that I don't even dare to remove because the frame is so thin. The book in the foreground is an old book from 1917 my friend Regina gifted me when she saw the spectacles. She thought it could help to setup a still life.

Here is my fist try with them, I have some other ideas I will be working, when I have more time.

[Image: IMG_0319-Edit.jpg]

Thanks for your comments... Smile
A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.
Paul Cezanne


I like it very much. the colors are warm, the background is perfect and you did very well on the lighting of the
candle holder.
I would probably move the leather case (? , that one for the glasses) to the right a bit to make it clash less with the
books in the back and also make sure to not make it touch any of the leaves in your final composition.
On this screen it also looks as if you could take the highlights in the linen down a bit, but that might be a wrong impression.

Good to see you up and so creative!

I like it.
You've got a real talent for posing and shooting these still-lifes.
Those spectacles are so worth more of a closer look really, do you think? I like the shot...but confess I find the equidistant placing of the leaves a bit distracting.
I do like your approach to all your stuff though, always tenacious and's just that I want to read what is on the page of that book there!
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Thanks Uli, Smile
the only spot that touches the end of the highlights in the histogram is the spot of light in the candleholder... The linen has all texture....

Thanks a lot Keith!! Smile

Zig... You are right, I am already preparing the setup for the next picture of the spectacles, and I was thinking to place just the book and the spectacles, probably with the macro. About the leaves.... it is something just part of my nature... a problem in this case. I try to place things ramdomely, carlesslly and I always end up forming shapes... that is way is so difficult to place a still life and make it look easy. To me as the leaves are looked natural, just now that you made the comment I realized the distance between them. I should just throw the things to the table and leave them this way.
Thanks for your comment, specially in these days that you probably are very busy... Wink
A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.
Paul Cezanne

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