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Newbie To Site
Let's see if I can make this short......

I'm 78 yo and have been taking pictures since my dad gave me my first camera at 6yo - a Roy Rogers 620 camera.

Since then I have owned many cameras - one Minolta and a host of Canon bodies and lenses. Years ago my favorite was the original F1 and a 50mm lens, an 80mm lens and a doubler.

I belonged to several photog clubs and entered contests and learned from many experienced people.

I shot high school girls track and field for the participants. I contributed pics to the local newspaper and the high school annual. The fathers bought many 5x7 of their skinny daughters and I used this to support my habit (hobby).

I was also the photographer for the Southeast Dallas County High School Rodeo Association and these sales also paid for my hobby.

I converted to digital, sold all of may film bodies, lenses, filters and darkroom equipment and purchased digital equipment.

I shot literally thousands of family pics and vacation pics including cruises.

Now my requirements have changed and I'm looking to move down. I'm currently looking at the Canon 80D and need some feedback from anyone with any knowledge and/or experience with this body. I do like the 7D and the 5D Mark 3 (and other high end) but I just can't justify the cost.

Any help would be appreciated.


The 80D is a solid camera, great at stills and video for the price, ISO performance is not quite on a par with the 5DIII, but the autofocus is excellent.

The body layout is slightly different and the form lighter and smaller. It's not weather sealed like the higher end bodies, but is weather and dust "resistant".

Welcome to Shutter talk!
Hello and welcome to the photography forums! Nice to have you here with us! Big Grin
Barbara - Life is what you make of it!

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