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Newbie lens help
*waving to everyone*

After obsessing over a dSLR for weeks, I am now the HAPPY owner of a D50. Based on my preliminary research, I am pretty sure that I will need to get a new lens to take the types of pictures I want. So, I thought I'd ask you all for your recommendations.

I want to be able to take pictures of my kids playing soccer and baseball (or other outdoor sports). The D50 kit lens doesn't have much zoom ability but I am sure loving its outdoor pictures!

I also want to be able to take pics inside without having to use the full flash. I took lots of photos this weekend and the indoor pictures weren't great - now alot of that could be my inexperience! But I do think I need something a little different than I have with the kit lens.

I have a secret goal of turning what is currently a hobby into a side-job. Nothing elaborate, just being able to take photos of families and friends and maybe getting some money for it. But for now, I'm shooting in auto mode and just playing around! And LOVING it!

Thanks for any suggestions you have! The priority is the sports pictures since soccer starts soon!

Valerie, who has been lurking for weeks
Welcome to Shuttertalk Smile

I really wouldn't know what to advise here, because I don't take sport photography very often, but I am sure someone else will give you the advice Smile
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Thanks, Irma! I have loved looking at some of your pictures in the critique section...I feel honored you replied! LOL!

The manager at Ritz recommended a 75-300. She seemed pretty knowledgeable.

The main thing that you need to look for if you are doing sports or low light photography is a "fast" lens. Usually only fixed length (prime) lenses are faster than about F2.8 (Note: when measuring lens speed, a smaller number is better). Fast lenses tend to be a lot more expensive and larger.

A great sports-friendly lens for Nikon is the 80-200 F2.8. Unfortunately, it costs about $900. The Nikon 70-200 F2.8 VR is even better but costs about $1000 more.

The 70-300 F4.5-5.6 is less costly but is also 2 to 3 stops slower. In daylight hours, if you open it up (use a lower aperature number), it should work great for action photos at the soccer field. On your D50, the 70-300 will be equivalent to a 105-450 mm lens on a conventional 35mm camera - so it will have lots of range for zooming in close. I would also take a look at the Nikon 55-200 in much the same price range.

For indoor work, I think the 70-300 is the wrong lens. It is too slow and is too long a telephoto. I would supplement it with the Nikon 50mm F1.8. This is a super fast prime (non-zoom) lens that will allow you to work without flash in a lot of conditions, and best of all, it is really quite economical.

Hope this helps a little.

BTW: Welcome to Shuttertalk
ValerieD4 Wrote:After obsessing over a dSLR for weeks, I am now the HAPPY owner of a D50.
Hey, good for you, and welcome to Shuttertalk. You've already done two very important things: getting a camera you like, and coming here.

I don't happen to have any useful advice, though... • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
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Welcome to shuttertalk, Toad gives good advice on lens choice. My choice would be a 70-200 2.8, though you may find 70 to long for some indoor work.
But you should be able to use your kit lens indoors too, if you have enough light. Another good investment is an external flash, especially for indoors, if you get one with a tilt and swivel head, you can bounce the light off the ceiling to prevent the 'deer in headlights' look that you sometimes get with onboard flash.

Hi and welcome to shuttertalk, can't wait to see some of your shots!
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Thanks, everyone! I agree that I need to learn WAY more about the camera itself and the kit lens I have and what its capabilities are. But, I'm pretty sure I'll eventually need to supplement and I want to start planning! Plus...I can't believe how obsessed I am about this! I think about it ALL the time! So I really appreciate all you experts taking the time to share your thoughts.

Valerie, who would post a couple shots if she could get Picture Project to cooperate - yuck!
Hey Valerie, welcome to Shuttertalk! Big Grin

I've got a D50 too... congrats on your purchase! I hate Picture Project as well - I only use it to download the files from the camera. After that I use Picasa or Photoshop.

I'd recommend giving something like Picasa a try - it's free and really cool at browsing through your images quickly. You can also export them for the web and it resizes photos for you.

I am not sure exactly what kind of lens you may be looking for but check out a website: They do some camera and lens reviews and when I was there today they had a review on a canon lens and it sounded good. It's a start anyway.

Good Luck.
Whilst tipping his hat in friendly recognition to all, Rufus takes off at high speed, paws waving wildly in the fading evening light.
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Never to return.

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Kind of reminds me of my ex-wife. She left - but kept dropping in from time to time to let me know what I was missing.... Big Grin

Just kidding - good luck Rufus! CU around.


maybe a 50mm 1.8 to start

the 80-200mm f2.8 will be a bit too short for soccer or baseball, the 70-300 will be cheaper to start with.

I think a 50 1.8 and a Sigma 70-200 2.8 with a sigma 1.4 teleconverter would do the job very nicely.

I have owned the Canon mount version of the Sigma lens and teleconverter and found them to be excellent.
Canon stuff.
Congrats on the new camera! I have the Nikkor 18-200 VR DX lens and love it. It is not f2.8 fast but it has Virbration Reduction so you can shoot in moderate light at slow shutter speeds like 1/30 of a sec and still get sharp photos without resorting to a tripod.

For sports you really need a fast lens as VR does nothing for movement. definitely buy the fastest lens you can afford.
Canon stuff.
Hi All

interesting thread. I have been researching lens's for my Nikon D70. At this stage I am pretty kean on the Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8G ED AF fisheye (~$1000au) - good reviews from people who sound knowledgable. I was also looking at the 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6D ED (~$2000au) with the VR (vibe reduction) but am starting to move off this lens as I read a bad review on the VR speed issue with panning/moving subjects (I also take on board the comments that one should get the fastest lens you can afford).

To date the kit lens (18-70mm f3.5-4.5) has been good but I am wanting to branch out to do some other types of shots that the "tourist" type ones. Sport/portait/macro are of interest.

So if anyone could advise of some glass to "fill out" my needs that would be great!! Also helpfull to others too I guess.

Hi Gooly,

I don't know too much about Nikon lenses as I come from the dark side Smile But the following specifics might help:

Sport - See previous advice in thread.

Portrait - A prime lens with an equivilent focal length of somewhere between 85 and 135 with a wide aperture (perhaps 2.0 or wider) for narrow DOF.

Macro - have a think about what you want to photograph. If it is stuff that might be scared off easily you might want to go for a longer macro lens that will let you be further away from your subject and still get a good macro (the longer the lens the more expensive generally) - something like a 150 or 180. If you can get closer (within an inch or so) something like a 60 macro will do the job nicely.


Canon stuff.
Toad Wrote:Kind of reminds me of my ex-wife. She left - but kept dropping in from time to time to let me know what I was missing.... Big Grin

Just kidding - good luck Rufus! CU around.
LMAO hahaha Big Grin

/Paul L.
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Hey guys!
I need some help, plan to go to Warsaw, Poland to make some pix of graveyards in b/w. First question:
What kind of lense is best for Leica R6.2 to shoot in twilight?

Or - second question- should I take my boyfriends Digilux2 by Leica but I think I prefer analogue???

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