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Newfoundland Icebergs
Some views of icebergs while out riding near my Fogo Island home last summer. All of these images were captured using my Sony Alpha SLT-A57 DSLR body with an assortment of Sony, and vintage (circa 1980's) Minolta-Maxxum prime lenses. (click on photos to enlarge) 

I can hardly wait to get back out on my motorcycles this year, hopefully within the next couple weeks, if the weather cooperates!


[Image: DSC05137b2500-1280x1280.jpg]

[Image: DSC05162b2500-1280x1280.jpg]

[Image: DSC05195b2500-1280x1280.jpg]

[Image: DSC05199b2500-1280x1280.jpg]

[Image: DSC03088-2-ascreen2-1280x1280.jpg]

[Image: DSC03092-2-ascreen2-1280x1280.jpg]

[Image: DSC03737a1500-1280x1280.jpg]
What a great subject, Glen! And wonderful shots!.Some of the icebergs look enormous.

I also like the photo of your machine - I used to be a biker, riding a Honda CX500 for about 25 years - ultra reliable and very comfortable.

Thanks, Philip! We have seen some bergs the size of a city block. It amazes me to this day, to see these huge icebergs right from our living room window, especially when our summer temps reach up into the 30's. And we must keep in mind that only a small fraction (approx 10%) of an iceberg sits above the waterline.

The motorcycle is a 2014 Honda CB500FA "naked roadster", my first new bike after a decades-long hiatus. Great fun, even at my ripe old age! I also have a 2014 Yamaha V-Star Custom cruiser, a completely different style of bike, but equally fun. Both were purchased new in 2015. Attached is a photo showing both of my motorcycles parked at our shoreline directly in front of our oceanfront home. The next two pics show another one of my toys, my beloved Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT-P... more fun than a barrel of monkeys!  (click to view large) 


[Image: DSC05218a1500small.jpg]

[Image: DSC03714a1500small.jpg]

[Image: DSC03120ba1500small.jpg]
Interesting images and good photography, Glen. Something we don't see every day. Your modes of transport certainly don't reflect the latitude of your home. Legacy Minolta lenses - some of the finest glass around.
Take my advice.  I'm not using it.Wink


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