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Nik Effects Free

I downloaded the free trial of this many months ago (mainly just for Silver Efex Pro as I do like a bit of monochrome). Thought it was great but couldn't run to the cost which at the time was somewhere in the region of £100.

Spookily the last few days I've been thinking about investing the money and then lo and behold today they've started giving it away!

I think you might need Light Room to host it (I have LR and that's where it appears anyway).

Just downloading it - all looks good so far!

And it works! Always a bonus Smile

[Image: 25410776393_30525980fb_z.jpg]
Bummer. Cost my Mrs £100 for my Christmas. Glad you finally got it Derek. I think it is a great bit of software, and without your lead, I would never have come across it.
Ask yourself, "What's most important for the final image?".
They are refunding anyone who bought it in 2016.
Mine was bought before Christmas.
Ask yourself, "What's most important for the final image?".
Yeah, I've had them for a few years. Only mentioned it as I tend to pick my Christmas gifts from the wife after Christmas, drives her crazy LOL.

I have used this package for some time, although I have more recently been trying to create the same effects through PS. I love Silver efex pro and use Dfine to get rid of noise and always use Sharpener Pro for final sharpening before sending images for printing.
(Mar 24, 2016, 15:46)delb0y Wrote: And it works! Always a bonus Smile

[Image: 25410776393_30525980fb_z.jpg]

nice image. I might have tried angling the camera a bit so that the chairs were on more of a diagonal and stepped closer so that all the rows spilled off both sides of the frame. but still a nice image.
But for Jocko I would not have heard of Google Nik Collection. He told me about it recently. I had decided to purchase to go with Photoshop CC and now thanks to delb0y I get it for free. Happy days !
Thanks for posting Derek.
Cheers, Mike.
" Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst "
Henri Cartier - Bresson.

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