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Nikon USA to stop supplying spares to Independent service centres
This is pretty big - Nikon USA says they will stop selling spares to service centres and independent repairers outside of their official service network. Their argument is that they want to increase the quality and workmanship of repairs performed, and ensure that repairs are only done using their authorised equipment and calibration tools.

According to one independent service centre though, the cost of becoming Nikon authorised is prohibitively expensive - "Overall you need to buy equipment costing over $160,000 and you sign a contract agreeing they could cut you out tomorrow. The cost of equipment, that only works with their products, is more than the cost of what every other manufacturer requires, put together"

Apparently there are only 20 authorised service centres (according to Nikon USA's page) across the US. Good luck finding one now if you need your camera repaired...

That's like not being able to service your car unless you bring it to the dealership as opposed to a local mechanic. Complete and utter extortion.
Too right Z3F. Enhancing your maintenance revenue center by denying competition. They spin that as quality control of course...
The canon owner in me is feeling smug.... the generally nice person in me is feeling outrage... nice way to set up a monopoly and price gouge.

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